These Mini Exercise Steppers Are on Sale Today for Under $75

These Mini Exercise Steppers Are on Sale Today for Under $75
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In Australia, the average adult accumulates around 7,400 steps a day, which is around 3,000-4,000 shy of the recommended 10,000 steps. A figure I imagine would be even less for those of us still partially WFH. Add that to the fact that winter is slowly creeping up, it’s getting harder and harder to feel motivated to leave the house just to get your daily exercise in. Cue: The mini exercise stepper machine.

Like all good ’90s trends making a resurgence, so too is the mini exercise stepper machine. These compact, lightweight workout machines come with ergonomic foot pedals to help reduce any potential damage to the knees, and textured foot pads prevent slipping. It also features a small LCD screen so you can see and record your total number of steps for the duration of your sweat session and how many calories you torched. 

This mini exercise stepper machine also comes with adjustable and removable resistance bands, so you can also work your arms, chest, back and shoulders if you feel like really going for it. 

So why aren’t they as popular as stationary bikes or treadmills? Because they’re an absolute body burner, that’s why. Stair steppers are proven to increase your aerobic conditioning, improve muscular endurance, strengthen your bones and joints and burns a tonne of calories. 

They’re also easier to store than the bulky at-home fitness equipment you’re used to seeing in infomercials. These babies are generally under 6kgs in weight and slide under your bed or into storage spaces easily. 

Oh, and did we mention mini exercise steppers are currently on sale? Below, we’ve rounded up two top picks from Amazon that are currently between 35%-48% off right now. Happy stepping! 

AUSELECT Exercise Stepper was $139.99, now $73.09 (save $66.90)

The AUSELECT Mini Exercise Stepper is the perfect way to still get your morning steps up without having to brave the cold this winter. Its compact, lightweight design makes it easy to store and easy to use. While the removable resistance bands mean you can get in a full-body workout using the one machine.

Buy the AUSELECT Exercise Stepper (was $139.99, now $73.09 (save $66.90)) from Amazon here. 

StormHero Exercise Stepper was $99.99, now $65.44 (save $34.55)

This StormHero Exercise Stepper is the perfect piece of fitness equipment to add to your home gym. You can do a full-body workout on one piece of machinery and really work up a sweat. Or if you’re just getting back into exercise, it’s an easy way to get your steps (and heart rate up) while in the comfort of your own home

Buy the StormHero Exercise Stepper (was $99.99, now $65.44 (save $34.55)) from Amazon here.

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