Internode’s Mobile Plans Are All 50% Off, With 40GB Down to $15

Internode’s Mobile Plans Are All 50% Off, With 40GB Down to $15
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If you’re in the market for a new mobile phone plan, and a cheap one at this, this promotional deal might be the answer to your problems. Internode is currently running a 50% discount across its range of mobile plans, meaning you can get a solid chunk of monthly data for a very reasonable price.

So what are Internode’s mobile plan deals?

Internode’s mobile plans were already decently priced for what they are, but this discount really pushes them into “an offer you can’t refuse” territory.

In particular, Internode’s Large plan, which will now set you back $15 per month for 40GB of data, is some pretty good value.

If you don’t need a lot of data each month, 8GB for $10 isn’t too shabby. But considering you can double your data to 16GB for an extra $2.50 per month, it might be worth the bump up.

This discount lasts for the first six months you’re with Internode, and has no lock in contract so you’re free to move when this deal ends.

Currently, there’s no set date for when this promotional offer ends, but Internode could pull it at any given moment. So if you want to take advantage of this deal, you’re better off acting sooner rather than later.

Internode’s mobile network offers high speed 4G coverage across Australia, reaching over 22 million people.

Are there any other cheap mobile plans out there?

When compared to other mobile phone plans with at least 40GB, Internode has the cheapest plans on offer. Both the 40GB and 55GB plans are two of the cheapest in this data range. Telco iinet is offering some tight competition, with a similar $15 for 40GB plan.

Circles.Life is also running a promotional offer across its range of mobile plans. It’s 50GB plan is just a bit more expensive than Internode’s at $22 per month, however, with Circles.Life you can grab 100GB data for only $30. So if you’re in the need for something a bit more data heavy, this might be worth considering.

If you’re looking for a prepaid option, Amaysim will give you 50GB of data for your first three recharges (up from 30GB), while only charging you $15 for your first recharge.


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