You Can Score 35GB of Mobile Data for Just $15 Right Now

You Can Score 35GB of Mobile Data for Just $15 Right Now
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Want a solid mobile data recharge for cheap? Amaysim – who are powered by the Optus 4G Plus Network – are currently offering a half-off deal on its 35GB prepaid plan.

With this discount offer, you’ll only have to pay $15 per recharge for the first three recharges you make with Amaysim. A recharge for the 35GB Amaysim plan would normally cost $30, so with this half-off deal you can save $45 over those first three recharges.

An Amaysim recharge lasts 28 days, so as long as you don’t hit your data cap, you can get close to three months of discounted prepaid data. And since it’s a prepaid plan, that means you won’t be locked into any contracts so you’re free to go elsewhere once the discounted recharges finish.

This offer is available until February 28.

How do Amaysim’s prepaid plans compare to other mobile plans?

For $15, Amaysim’s 35GB prepaid plan is great value for money.

Most mobile plans sit in the $35 range, and can net you between 35GB to 50GB of data. If you desperately need as much data as you can possibly get, you might be best grabbing Circles.Life’s 50GB data plan for $22 per month.

Amaysim isn’t the only telco that has slashed 50% off of its prepaid plans. Earlier this week iiNet released a half off deal across all of its prepaid plans, which means you can score 25GB of data for only $15.

In terms of value, that’s not as good as Amaysim’s discount – but if you’re someone who only needs a small amount of data each recharge and aren’t too keen on paying for the extra you aren’t using, iiNet’s plans are worth looking into.

You can see how Amaysim’s prepaid offers compares with other mobile plans within the 35GB data range.

Don’t forget to use one of these Amaysim promo codes if you want to save on a range of SIM and data plans. 


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