Rating Internode’s $60 NodeMobile Plan

Rating Internode’s $60 NodeMobile Plan

Internode has expanded its range of NodeMobile plans with a $60 a month plan that includes unlimited calls. It might tempt some existing NodeMobile customers, but there are still better deals to be had.

Like all NodeMobile plans, you need to be an Internode customer to sign up and the service is provided on the Optus network. For $60 a month, you get unlimited calls and texts to Australian numbers. You also get 3GB of data a month plus 150GB for use on social networking sites — the same inclusions as the $40 a month plan immediately below it save for the unlimited calls. (In practice, the plan is identical to a similar option offered by iiNet’s parent company Internode.)

Spending the extra $20 might appear to be worth it if you’re a heavy phone user. On the $40 plan, you can make 348 two-minute calls (which is still more than 11 a dat each month). However, as we noted back when we looked at the Internode and iiNet mobile offering, there are several cheaper plans around which also use the Optus network, include unlimited Australian calls and texts and have unlimited access to social networking sites. Amaysim charges $39.90 a month with 4GB of data; Boost charges $40 a month with 3GB of data. Live Connected charges $34.90 for unlimited texts, 4GB of data, and $3000 worth of calls (which amounts to 1395 2-minute calls, or more than 46 a day over a month). In other words: unless talking to Internode’s excellent customer service department is worth $20 a month to you, shop around elsewhere.



  • All of these plans are great and all, but the fact that you can’t use your remaining credit for international calls sucks. I’m currently with Voda on a $20/month plan, I rarely use the credit they provide by the end of the month so I use it for calling family overseas.

    As much as I would like to switch to one of these plans, it wouldn’t be an option on these. Would international calling even be available?

    • If you do call O/S a lot i find skype / viber / etc are more convenient than worrying about how many minutes you have left in your monthly cap, but then it depends what country, some are a few cents/min, some are 1-2dollars/min.

  • Yeah I am with CS – what is your take on TPG? Or liveconnected for that matter which is even cheaper.

    I currently have a $17.99/mth deal with TPG ($12.99/mth with liveconnected) with $550 of credit and 1.5GB of data.
    I struggle to see how any provider can beat either of those deals for both value for money and bottom line low cost deal.

    I value what lifehacker has to say and normally you are right on the money with the best value in lifes decisions, but apart from the below link I have seen no posts from lifehacker on tpg or liveconnected?
    Can we have some postage about this lifehacker?


  • “In practice, the plan is identical to a similar option offered by iiNet’s parent company Internode”.

    Erm, it’s the other way around. iiNet is the parent company of Internode.

  • Uhh, Optus network?

    If they used Telstra’s, I’d consider it. I know Telstra don’t resell their network, but Internode has traditionally had a pretty good relationship with Telstra, so I figure if ANYONE has a chance of reselling Telstra’s network it would be Internode.

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