Here’s the Weather Forecast for the January 26 Public Holiday in Australia

Here’s the Weather Forecast for the January 26 Public Holiday in Australia

Folks, we have survived three weeks of work and we are officially due for a day off. Next Tuesday, January 26, all states and territories will get a public holiday for Australia Day. No matter what you choose to do on the day, knowing the weather is always useful.

Well, have no fear because Lifehacker is here to bring you the weather forecast for Australia Day – along with some weather presenter commentary.

Here’s what to expect in all the capital cities in Australia for the 26th, according to ye olde faithful the Bureau of Meteorology.


Temperature: 21-32°C

Weather: Mostly sunny

Chance of rain: 20%

It looks like an outside day is in store for Sydney, stay cool everyone.


Temperature: 18-22°C

Weather: Cloudy, morning showers.

Chance of rain: 70%

Cold and rainy in Melbourne. Shocker.


Temperature: 21-33°C

Weather: Sunny, small chance of a shower.

Chance of rain: 30%

Hot and humid in Brisbane. Typical.


Temperature: 19-25°C

Weather: Partly cloudy, a chance of showers.

Chance of rain: 50%

Adelaide’s day really could go either way with a 50/50 chance of rain.


Temperature: 14-19°C

Weather: Cloudy

Chance of rain: 30%

Pretty chilly in Hobart, but that’s nothing new for the locals.


Temperature: 16-29°C

Weather: Mostly sunny

Chance of rain: 5%

Nice and sunny for Perth and not too hot. A great day to not be at work.


Temperature: 25-31°C

Weather: Showers. Chance of a thunderstorm.

Chance of rain: 90%

Rain is forecast for Darwin so this might be an inside day.


Temperature: 19-37°C

Weather: Possible shower later in the day.

Chance of rain: 40%

A bloody hot day in Canberra so keep that in mind for your plans.

The weather on Australia Day is a pretty mixed bag across the country but bear in mind this is just a forecast and could still change in the coming days.


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