A Guide to All the Australian Public Holidays in 2021

A Guide to All the Australian Public Holidays in 2021

The working year has officially begun for 2021. To save you from that demoralising thought, a good thing to look forward to is the next public holiday.

Here’s a handy guide to all the upcoming public and school holiday dates in each Australian state and territory for 2021.


  • Friday January 1 (New Year’s Day)
  • Tuesday 26 January (Australia Day)


  • Monday March 1 (Labour Day, WA only)
  • Monday March 8 (Canberra Day, ACT only)
  • Monday March 8 (Eight Hours Day, TAS only)
  • Monday March 8 (Labour Day, VIC only)
  • Monday March 8 (Adelaide Cup Day, SA only)


  • Friday April 2 (Good Friday)
  • Sunday April 4 (Easter Sunday)
  • Monday April 5 (Easter Monday)
  • Monday April 26 (Anzac Day in lieu for ACT, WA, QLD, SA and NT only)

Something to remember is that when Anzac Day falls on a weekend, no public holiday is granted in NSW, VIC or Tasmania. Queensland, South Australia and the Northern Territory will grant a public holiday if Anzac Day falls on a Sunday and the ACT and WA allow a holiday if Anzac Day falls on a weekend in general.


  • Monday May 3 (May Day, NT only)
  • Monday May 3 (Labour Day, QLD only)
  • Monday May 31 (Reconciliation Day, ACT only)

June 2021

  • Monday June 7 (Queen’s Birthday, WA only)
  • Monday June 14 (Queen’s Birthday, excl. QLD and WA)

August 2021

  • Monday August 2 (Picnic Day, NT only)
  • Wednesday August 11 (Show Day, QLD only)

September 2021

  • Monday 27 September (Queen’s Birthday, WA only)

October 2021

  • Monday October 4 (Labour Day, ACT, NSW, SA only)
  • Monday October 4 (Queen’s Birthday, QLD only)

November 2021

  • Tuesday November 2 (Melbourne Cup, VIC only)

December 2021

  • Saturday 25 December (Christmas Day)
  • Sunday 26 December (Boxing Day)
  • Monday 27 December (Christmas Day in lieu)
  • Tuesday 28 December (Boxing Day in lieu)
  • Monday 3rd January 2022 (New Year’s Day in lieu)

School Holidays 2021

Because every state likes to do things differently, the school holidays are all over the place. To get the most accurate dates for your state, make sure to check your local education board or check with your local school. But as a starting point, these are the school holidays dates as they stand for 2021 so far.

2021 School Year Begins

24 Jan 2021 (QLD)

27 Jan 2021 (NSW, SA)

28 Jan 2021 (VIC)

1 Feb 2021 (ACT, NT, WA)

3 Feb 2021 (TAS)

Term 1 Holidays

2-18 April (ACT, QLD, VIC, WA)

10 April – 18 April (NT)

10 April – 26 April (SA, TAS)

Term 2 Holidays

25 June – 11 July (ACT, NSW, QLD, VIC)

25 June – 19 July (NT)

3 July – 18 July (SA, TAS, WA)

Term 3 Holidays

17 September – 4 October (ACT, NSW, QLD)

25 September – 10 October (NT, SA, TAS, WA)

Term 4 Holidays

10 December – 23 January 2022 (QLD)

10 December – 30 January 2022 (SA)

18 December – 20 Jan 2022 (ACT, TAS)

18 December – 30 Jan 2022 (VIC, WA)

20 December – 27 Jan 2022 (NSW)

17 Dec – 30 Jan 2022 (NT)

There are some great ways to combine your annual leave with public holidays next year to get maximum time off. Or maybe you should simply consider leaving NSW to gain yourself some extra free days.

This article has been updated since its original publication.

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