The Best Smartphone, NBN and Phone Plan Deals Available This Christmas

The Best Smartphone, NBN and Phone Plan Deals Available This Christmas
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The festive period is always a great time to bag a bargain, and there are no exceptions when it comes to phone and NBN plans. So, if you’re after a new smartphone, a new plan, or a new NBN provider, we’ve picked out of some of our favourite Christmas telco deals and offers.

Save $10 per month on most Telstra SIM-only plans

Telstra is cutting the price of most SIM-only plans by $10 per month until December 25. The discount applies to Telstra’s Medium plan or better, and will last for your first year with the telco. This means prices start at $55 per month for an 80GB plan. Since the plans are contract-free, you can always drop down to a cheaper option (or leave entirely) when your discount expires.

Get a $240 welcome credit on the Pixel 5 and Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G with Telstra

If you grab either the Pixel 5 or Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G on Telstra, you’ll get a $240 welcome credit which will be applied on your second bill. Depending on what plan you choose, this is equivalent to getting two or so months for free. This offer is available until December 25.

Bonus data on Vodafone plans

Vodafone is including bonus data, and discounting most of its SIM-only plans until December 28. Our favourite offer is 50GB for $35 per month (down from $40). All discounts last for your first 12 months, after which you’ll pay full price. Your bonus data will last for the life of your plan.

These can also be paired with a new phone. If you do, your discount will also last for the life of your plan. Here are a few popular phones you can get on Vodafone:

Save $300 on a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 plan with Woolworths Mobile

Woolies is currently offering a $300 discount on the Galaxy Z Fold 2, which works out to be a saving of $12.50 per month over 24 months. It’s still a very expensive phone, but hey, a discount is a discount. Plans start at $140 per month with 18GB of data.

You’ve got until December 24 to get this deal.

Unlimited mobile data for $35 per month

While not strictly a deal, Vodafone-owned MVNO felix is now offering a plan with unlimited data (capped at speeds of 20Mbps) for $35 per month. This plan previously only offered speeds of 5Mbps, so the increase to 20Mbps is very welcome and should make the plan a lot more useable.

Three months free service with Gomo

New Optus MVNO Gomo is offering three months of free service, albeit with a catch. If you sign-up to Gomo and stay with the telco for three months, you’ll get the next three months at no cost. You’re normally looking at $25 per month for 18GB on Gomo, but you can get your first month for $10 if you grab a SIM before January 10.

10% off Optus home wireless broadband plans

Optus is currently offering a 10% discount on its 4G home wireless broadband plans, which brings its 500GB option down to $67.50 per month for your first two years. You can get these plans on a month-to-month basis or on a 24-month term. If you go month-to-month, you’ll need to pay a $216 modem fee.

Save on Superloop NBN plan deals

Superloop has cut between $15 and $20 per month across its range of NBN plans for customers who register before January 31. This discount lasts for your first six months with Superloop, after which you’ll pay full price. Superloop’s plans are all contract-free however, so you can leave at any time.

20% off Circles.Life plans

Sign-up to Optus MVNO Circles.Life before the end of the year, you can save 20% off all its plans for your first six months. Out of the three plans, the $22.40 per month plan with 60GB is the most compelling option. Just be aware that your 60GB allowance will only last for your first six months too, after which it will be cut to 20GB. These plans are all contract-free, however.

Each plan has a separate promo code. If you’re looking at the 100GB plan, you’ll need to use the promo code SAVEON38 during sign up. If you want the 60GB plan, use TRIPLEAND20. If you only want the 8GB plan, use SAVEON18.

Alex Choros is Managing Editor at WhistleOut, Australia’s phone and internet comparison website.

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