Crochet Yourself Some Finger Stitchin’ Good KFC Drumsticks

Crochet Yourself Some Finger Stitchin’ Good KFC Drumsticks

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what the hell you can do to pass the time while on the train of a morning, I have a treat (quite literally) for you.

Melbourne-based artist and absolute crochet master, Phil Ferguson, has gone ahead and released a collection of KFC crochet patterns for hungry crafters to dig into.

The adorable project, which comes from a sponsorship with KFC themselves, has seen Ferguson (@chiliphilly on Insta) drop patterns for sweet, cuddly drummies as well as a bucket to keep them in.

Seriously. Would you look at these little drumstick babies and their sweet little faces?

If you’re a crochet fan, or would like to learn (hello, me!) you can find Ferguson’s patterns listed on Ravelry.

The KFC Li’l Drummies pattern can be downloaded for free here. And the Drummy Bucket is available here.

Stitchin’ up these bad boys require a 4.5mm crochet hook, large sewing needle (for your drumsticks) and a 10mm crochet hook and large sewing needle (for your bucket).

And on the yarn front, you’ll need: 1 x bulky brown yarn, stuffing and additional yarn for your drummies and 2 x white chunky yarn, 2 x red chunky yarn, and any yarn for embroidered details on your bucket.

If you’re interested in knowing the juicy details, the crochet techniques you’ll be using include: double crochet, magic circle, increase, decrease. I don’t know what any of those things are but they all sound very impressive.

In the lead up to the holidays, many of us are looking for unique ways to treat our loved ones. If you ask me, a KFC bucket you can cuddle in bed is likely to be a winner.

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