The Best iPhone 12 Plans in Australia

The Best iPhone 12 Plans in Australia
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The first iPhone 12 pre-order plans have now gone live in Australia. But there are a LOT to wade through, so here’s our pick of the best ones from Telstra, Optus and Vodafone.

If you want to browse more iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro plans, we got you covered. There’s a full list of the plans from Telstra, Optus and Vodafone here. As an FYI the iPhone 12 and Pro go on sale October 23 and the iPhone Pro Max and Mini won’t go on pre-order until November 6.

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Cheapest iPhone 12 plans

The absolute cheapest iPhone 12 plan from big Aussie telcos belongs to Vodafone. It has the 64GB model for $72.47 a month. This is on a 36-month and comes with 30GB data thanks to a promo that Vodafone is running right now.

If you would prefer either Optus or Telstra, their cheapest plans are for the same model and can be found here:

Cheapest iPhone 12 Pro

The cheapest iPhone 12 Pro plan also belongs to Vodafone. It has the 128GB GB model for $82.19 per month. This still gets you the 30GB of data and is on a 36-month plan.

If you would prefer either Optus or Telstra, their cheapest plans are for the same model and can be found here:

Best Value iPhone 12 plans

When it comes to best value, things are a little more subjective. In this case, I consider a good balance of price, storage, data inclusions and contract length to be the best measure of value.

But different things matter to different people. Maybe you don’t care about committing to a 36-month contract. Or perhaps you don’t need more than 64GB storage. If you’d rather see more options, we have a larger list of iPhone 12 and 12 Pro plans you can peruse here.

Otherwise, these are my top picks.

First up, Vodafone has a huge pre-order offer for iPhone 12 customers who opt for its Super+ plan. Not only is the plan $10 off right now, it comes with double data. That means its $55 a month for 200GB data, before you add the handset repayment on top.

If you want that much data, you might want to look at the 128GB iPhone 12 on the 24-month Super+ plan contract. It comes in at $114.54 a month.

But if you don’t need to download the entire internet each month, I like the 128GB iPhone 12 on a 24-month Lite plan. This one comes to $94.54 a month. You can check out both plans here:

Telstra also has a big pre-order offer it announced earlier this week. Big T has slashed $50/month its XL plan (which comes with a 180GB data), bringing it down to just $65/month before you add handset repayments on top of it. However, the discount only lasts for the first 12 months.

With that in mind, a good value plan here is the 128GB iPhone 12 with an XL data package across 24-months. It comes to $124.54 a month (for the first 12 months, remember!) for 180GB data. To be fair, this is more expensive and has less data inclusions than Vodafone’s offer. However, Telstra is generally a bit pricier and has the best network coverage in the country.

On the Optus front you might want to consider the 128GB iPhone 12 on a 24-month ‘Medium’ plan. The total comes to $108.52 a month and it has 60GB data.

Best Value iPhone 12 Pro

Vodafone’s $55/month double data pre-order plan also applies to the iPhone 12 Pro if you’re a data fiend.

I personally think the sweet spot still lies with the Lite plan on a 24/month contract. It works for the cheapest iPhone 12 Pro, which comes with 128GB storage, and comes to $105.79 a month.

My pick from Telstra is still the XL pre-order offer. For the 128GB iphone 12 Pro this comes to $135.79/month for the first 12 months and you still get 180GB of data.

From Optus I’m sticking to the Medium Plan that comes with 60GB/month across a 24-month contract. With the 128GB iPhone 12 Pro it comes to $119.77/month.

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