Reese’s-Infused Vodka Is a Trick, Not a Treat

Reese’s-Infused Vodka Is a Trick, Not a Treat

I am not above a themed cocktail, but Halloween cocktails that lean heavily on sugar are not exactly my bag (or plastic pumpkin). I am, however, willing to try nearly anything at least once, even if that thing is Reese’s Pieces-infused vodka.

There are many iterations of this infusion on the internet. The ratios vary, but every recipe boils down to dumping a bunch of Reese’s Pieces in alcohol, letting that alcohol sit in the fridge overnight, then straining it out the next. The candy-infused vodka is sometimes used to make a “Drunken Peanut Butter Cup,” or some similar libation.

Initially, I thought this would be a waste of both candy and vodka, but then I decided that we might as well waste some bourbon too, because bourbon and sugary peanut butter candy seemed like a better match than vodka and sugary peanut butter candy.

It went kind of how one would expect it to go. I don’t want to spoil the visual by describing it with words; I think it’s something you should see for yourself. Taste-wise, I would not describe it as “successful.” The flavour of the Reese’s Pieces came through in the vodka, but that ended up being a bad thing. The bourbon tasted like a much worse version of the plain bourbon, but hey, at least it smelled like a dry erase marker.

It was an experience, for sure — less of a “learning experience” and more of a “confirming what we already suspected” one. If you want candy, eat candy. If you want a drink, make a good drink. If you want a good, sweet seasonal drink, make corn milk punch. You can never go wrong with corn milk punch.

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