Infuse Vodka With Bacon

We've explored many bacon hacks over the years here at Lifehacker, but never how to mix everyone's favourite cured meat with alcohol. Fortunately all you need for bacon-infused vodka is bacon, vodka, a coffee filter, and a few days to let it cure.

Instructables user tiburon4 shares his recipe which simply involves placing 12 strips of freshly cooked bacon and a litre of vodka to a long, flat container with a lid. A pyrex baking dish is perfect. Let the vodka and bacon sit in the container for 4-5 days at room temperature; the infusion works better at room temperature and the alcohol will keep the bacon from spoiling. After the waiting period is up, remove the bacon pieces, put the vodka in the freezer to solidify oils from the bacon, and pour the frozen vodka through a coffee filter to remove the oils. You may have to do this a few times to get the vodka to your preferred level of clarity.

Now that you have a litre of bacon-infused vodka, check out the recipes for Chocolate Bacon Martinis and Bacon Bloodys at the link below. I'd swap the standard Bloody Mary garnish of a celery stick for a rolled up lettuce leaf for a BLT cocktail.

Bacon Infused Vodka [Instructables]


    My friends have been making the BLT-ini for years!

    We saw this on a cocktail menu in Jackson Hole Wyoming so we naturally bought it, it was no mcmuffin but we definitely didn't think it was bad but one of the guys who sipped it dry wretched, but i think that was just the thought of it, best to stick to musk sticks and cinammon probably

    This is a piss-take right? Please tell me if it is, because I'm intrigued, and I don't want to waste a bottle of vodka or 12 strips of bacon....



    No piss-take and not disgusting ;-)

    I've been making my own spirits for years and one of my perennial favourites is a proscuitto/pancetta/cracked-pepper infusion pretty much as described here.

    Always a hit as an individual shot or to make a very different 'Bloody Mary'.......yummo and much loved by myself and my friends. The secret though is thorough and multiple runs through coffee-filters to clarify and 'de-fat' the liquor.


    I'm unsure about this one. Last time saw someone make this it smelled like rancid bacon.
    Maybe they just didn't freeze and separate the oils/fats correctly or something

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