• Reese’s-Infused Vodka Is a Trick, Not a Treat

    Reese’s-Infused Vodka Is a Trick, Not a Treat

    I am not above a themed cocktail, but Halloween cocktails that lean heavily on sugar are not exactly my bag (or plastic pumpkin). I am, however, willing to try nearly anything at least once, even if that thing is Reese’s Pieces-infused vodka.

  • Infuse Cocktails With Chai This Holiday Season

    A holiday riff on a classic cocktail is a fine thing, but the “seasonal twist” always seems to start and stop with cinnamon. There isn’t anything inherently wrong with cinnamon—it’s accessible and uncontroversial, it reads as sweet without adding actual sweetness, and it is even purportedly good for your blood pressure or something. As such,…

  • How To Make Bay Leaf Gin

    How To Make Bay Leaf Gin

    I didn’t used to believe in bay leaves. Though I felt contractually obligated to put them in all stews, soups, and (most) rice dishes, it wasn’t until I conducted this very important piece of investigative journalism that I began to truly value and cherish them. When I saw the “bay leaf martini” on the cocktail…