How You Can Watch The Mandalorian Season 2 in Australia

How You Can Watch The Mandalorian Season 2 in Australia
Image: Disney
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Star Wars’ flagship TV series The Mandalorian is finally returning for its second season on October 30 and it’s been way too long since Baby Yoda has graced our screens. Here’s everything you need to know before watching tonight.

How Aussies Can Watch The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian will be streaming exclusively on Disney+. Aussie’s can sign up to Disney+ monthly for $8.99 or get a yearly subscription at $89.99. There are eight new episodes to get excited for and they’ll be streaming weekly from October 30 through to December 18.

Disney+ is available on a bunch of devices including Apple TV, Google Chromecast, iOS and Android devices, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and a range of LG, Samsung and Android Smart TVs.

Episodes of The Mandalorian are expected to drop around 6:00pm AEDT, which is 5:00pm AEST, 4:30pm ACST and 3:00pm AWST, so plan your watch party accordingly.

What You Need to Know From Season One

In case you’ve missed the first season of The Mandalorian (how?) or are in need of a reminder, here’s an easy explainer of everything you need to know.

The Mandalorian, aka Din Djarin, is a bounty hunter roaming the galaxy for his next payday. You can tell he’s a Mandalorian because of the helmet that he wears and never takes off because ‘this is the way’. Mando gets paid by some Imperials to bring in a target, but he can’t bring himself to do it when he finds out it’s the adorable Baby Yoda – I mean who could? Baby Yoda, also known as The Child, is extra special because he has the Force so the Imperials send all sorts of bounty hunters after them.

As Mando and Baby Yoda are chased around the galaxy they make a few friends along the way. They encounter Gina Carano who plays Cara Dune, an ex-shock trooper turned rebel, plus Greef Karga (Carl Weathers) the leader of the Bounty Hunters’ Guild and IG-11, a robot bounty hunter voiced by none other than Taika Waititi!

After running from planet to planet and taking odd jobs to fuel his and Baby Yoda’s way, Mando gets stuck in a confrontation with the Imperial client who wants his prize back. The client is none other than Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito) who is the leader of the remaining Imperials.

After a big firefight that results in the loss of IG-11, Mando defeats Gideon and escapes with Baby Yoda, where he’s tasked with finding The Child’s home planet. But before we go it turns out Moff Gideon did not in fact die and emerges from his TIE fighter holding a black lightsaber, otherwise known as the Darksaber.

What will happen next? The good news is we don’t have to wait long to find out because the first episode of season two is dropping later today on Disney+. Check out the season 2 trailer if you need even more reasons to be excited.

Sign up to Disney+ here.

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