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Sure, it's Star Wars Day tomorrow and geeks and nerds all over the planet will be watching their favourite movies from the franchise (probably dressed in brown robes while wielding plastic light sabres.) And while the movies are entertaining they haven't influenced society in the same way as the other great sci-fi franchise of the last 50 years. In my humble opinion, Star Trek is vastly superior and inspires hope in a way that Star Wars fails. Here's why I think Star Trek kicks Star Wars' butt.


I should probably stop watching that new Star Wars trailer, but I’m not going to. I have vivid memories of the first time teenage David, college-age David, and workforce David watched the first teasers for various new Star Wars movies, because there’s no feeling quite like it. Yes, even for Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, which seemed so amazing at the time that I must have watched it, gosh, I can’t even count how many times. How silly that feels, in hindsight.


Thinkgeek is one of my favourite places for picking up interesting bits of nerdiness that are actually useful. From the light sabre bottle opener in my kitchen drawer to lots of cool t-shirts and other bits of geekdom, there are heaps of great products available. And lots of those cool items are now on sale. Here are some of the current bargains that will be separating me from some of my hard-earned cash.


Stacks of Star Wars-related media has been released over the last 5 years - from major films, to comics, to several long-form television series. And that popularity and demand means viewers are becoming more discerning about what they love (or don’t) about the universe.

Klaudia Amenábar is the co-creator of Star Wars podcast Rebel Dispatch. I spoke with her about the development of fandom within the vacuum of space, the role and aspirations of the podcast and the overall growth of fan awareness and accountability to media.


People are still angry about The Last Jedi and another Star Wars film is about to drop. SOLO: A Star Wars Story is the second Anthology series film, following in the steps of Rogue One before it. Though it releases in a week's time, we have all the juicy spoilers right here. Which means, yes, this article is FULL. OF. SPOILERS. If you want to go in to the film blind, don't click through. If you're keen to hear exactly how it all plays out - this is the article for you.


Han Solo: Dastardly rogue, charming swindler, cocky pilot, self-assured prick. We've known this much since Star Wars first flew into view in 1977. Now, Star Wars has wound the clock all the way back to tell the story of how Han Solo came to be all those adjectives with Solo: A Star Wars Story.

This is definitely a Star Wars film - and while that will give the legions of disgruntled Last Jedi fans something to hold on to - it works to Solo's detriment.


Before Star Wars kicked off its new film trilogy, Lucasfilm rendered years of Star Wars novels 'non-canon' and relegated them to "Star Wars Legends". Fans weren't happy, but this new beginning gave the series a chance to re-focus and for writers, new and old, to craft original stories around great Star Wars characters. Whether you're a fan or not, the new novels have been

Here's an essential reading list of Star Wars books, in the new continuity, that you need to read.


G'day! Time to spend all your credits because it's May 4th. Here are some cracking deals for Lifehacker readers today including everyone taking advantage of Star Wars Day with 20%, 40%, 60% off all over the place -- eBay, Amazon, Myer... it's all here. Plus other deals on fashion and free NBN for a year!

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Is it ethical to track your kids? Who is the worst video game dad? And what's an appropriate age to introduce younglings to the Star Wars universe? This week on Static we're all about the weird parenting questions, and we certainly have some opinions. Especially about Kratos in God of War.


Unless you live in a pop culture bell jar, your child will be introduced to Star Wars. George Lucas's space opera has so thoroughly and efficiently saturated the entertainment-sphere, Star Wars indoctrination is as inevitable as exposure to cold germs at daycare. You can let fate, cultural osmosis, and Disney marketing executives control when and how your child learns about Luke and Leia, or you can guide them like a Jedi guides a padawan, making sure childhood Star Wars is something magical you can share.