Telstra’s Knocking $15 Per Month Off Its Top-End Phone Plans

Telstra’s Knocking $15 Per Month Off Its Top-End Phone Plans
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It looks like Telstra’s gunning for an End of Financial Year (EOFY) spotlight as it discounts its top-end phone plans by $15 per month.

The Aussie telco’s EOFY sale means you’ll be able to grab 100GB for $65 per month, or 150GB for $85 per month, down from $80 per month or $100 per month, respectively.

The discount lasts for the first 12 months you’re with Telstra, after which you’ll need to pay the full price. However, the plans are contract-free, so you can leave whenever you want. This is always music to our ears.

Telstra phone plans:

The offer is available until 30 June for both new and existing Telstra customers.

If you like, you can also pair these plans with a new handset but the discount still runs out after 12 months. However, customers can always drop down their plan tier after the discount ends.

Popular Telstra devices:

Want to upgrade your NBN plan too?

In further EOFY news, Telstra’s also cut its NBN plans by $10 per month for the first year a customer stays connected. The NBN 50 plans start at $80 per month, and NBN 100 at $100 per month. This will give you a total saving of $120.

Telstra’s NBN plans:

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