How to Drink Coffee the Healthy Way [Infographic]

Quitting coffee is not an option for most people. Without it, most office workers would instantly transform into Mad Max marauders hunting for shiny, chrome Delonghis. Thankfully, indulging in a hot brew doesn’t need to be detrimental to your health — in fact, it can improve everything from cognitive skills to memory retention. This infographic provides seven tips for effective and responsible imbibing.

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The infographic below comes from healthy lifestyle site Art of Wellbeing. It breaks down various ways coffee can improve our health, which basically comes down to timing. As the site explains:

“If you do enjoy a cup of java, science suggests it is a reasonable component of a healthy diet, with more potential benefits than almost any other drink we’re consuming. Whilst there isn’t a right or wrong way to drink coffee, there are ways to maximize the benefits you receive from it.”

Sacrilegiously, the site suggests drinking your first cup after 10am. Morning coffee can interfere with the body’s production of cortisol and also builds up caffeine tolerance which results in a diminishing return on investment. This is just crazy talk, but some of the other tips and factoids are definitely worth a look. You can read a more detailed analysis of the points below at the Art of Wellbeing website.

[Via Art of Wellbeing]

This article has been updated since its original publication.

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