The Coffee Served On 44 Different Airlines [Infographic]

The Coffee Served On 44 Different Airlines [Infographic]
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Unless you’re flying first or business class, airplane coffee is generally not the best quality cup you’ll ever have – but it’s still a nice little comfort in what can be an exhausting way to travel. Some airlines serve better coffee than others – but do you know what brands your favourite airlines serve? Here’s a list of 44 airlines across the world, and what kind of coffee they’re pouring into your little paper cup.

Many of the options available are fairly predictable: Illy is a popular option, for example, as well as Nescafe and Nespresso on fancier lines. However did you know that many American airlines will serve you a cup of good ol’ Starbucks coffee? One airline even serves coffee from McDonalds’ McCafe.

Check it all out in this graphic from Dripped Coffee.

Image: Dripped Coffee


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