Coffee Vs Tea Infographic Lays Out Health Benefits (And Risks)

We all know what caffeine does to your brain, but that doesn't mean it (and the beverages in which its found) don't have some health benefits, too. Here's how coffee and tea stack up against one another.

If you've ever wondered what the benefits (and risks) are with coffee and tea, this infographic is a pretty interesting revelation. They list off health studies about each, fun health facts, and even the caffeine levels in different types of each beverage (shown above). If you're a big fan of warm beverages, it's definitely worth checking out. Hit the link to see the full infographic.

The Health Benefits of Coffee vs Tea Infographic [Killer Infographics via How-To Geek]


    They show the many and varied benefits of so called "White tea" but you can't buy the bloody stuff outside of China!! :}

      Of course you can. I've had it in a London tea shop. Have you tried a tea specialist?

      i got some at a supermarket last year

    Specialist tea shops have white tea for sure! In QLD T2 has some, and in the CBD I've seen some 'hole in the wall' tea shops that have it :-)

    Also, the caffeine content for espresso is a bit misleading. The caffeine content averages around 80mg, but just about any source will tell you it varies greatly, anywhere between 20mg-200mg. It all comes down to the grams of coffee used, the type of coffee, how it was roasted, and the preparation standard, which, as you could imagine, varies greatly.

      Mike Williams &
      Trevor Luscombe, - I'm talking about Shopping centers like Woolies and the like! It's all well and good getting it in "specialist shops" but I don't want to pay their exorbitant prices for it, I just want to drink it at home!! :{

        You can get white tea in Woolworths and Coles. My Mum drinks it (personally I don't like it - a good cup of earl grey for me!).

          Maybe in the Woolies where you live, not in the one where I live. We must not live high enough up the social scale.. :}

        OK. Hadn't realised that "not outside China" meant "in Woolies". Surprised that KRudd hadn't issued an advisory to that effect ;-)

    This infographic has many problems.
    * First the scales in the 2 bar graphs are different, which can lead to incorrect interpretations
    * Secondly the graph says nothing about benefits and risks of the two beverages
    * Thirdly, a shot of espresso has 60-90mg of caffeine

    very poor effort

    Hmm, OK, mental note to self: don't trust anything produced by "Killer Infographics" in future.

    The data is full of holes (i.e. blatantly wrong) in various respects. Anyone would think that a common sense sanity check would raise alarm bells at the idea that espresso has neglible caffeine, but these guys just went with it, apparently. And yes, it's wrong.

    They broke the number one rule of infographics: don't present data misleadingly. Different scales for coffee and tea, shown next to each other? Bzzzt.

    Selective and/or inadequate research on health costs/benefits (in the full infographic, linked), ignoring some major findings which negate some of the ones they feature.

    Overall: fail.

    Hey thanks for this it had been informative

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