All The Best Click Frenzy Deals You Never Knew You Needed

Click Frenzy Mayhem deals are just starting to kick off and with it comes a bunch of random shit you've never actually needed but will consider buying anyway. We're here to enable you because we all need a bit of retail therapy now and then and the last few months have been rough. Here are some ridiculous but fun deals available.

From pasta machines to smart phone printers to full body massage chairs, here are some of our top picks for borderline useless but satisfying purchases.

Item Original Price Discounted Price Total savings (%)
Crosley Wood Vinyl Record LP Storage Crate
Could you just use an abandoned milk crate pinched from the street? Absolutely, but that's not the spirit of this article.

RRP: $94.44 Catch Price: $57.90 39% off
Bialetti Pasta Machine - Gloss Red
Do you really need a pasta machine ever? No, but it's on sale so why not.

RRP: $99.95 Catch Price: $59.95 40% off
Samsung Wireless Charger Stand
Wireless fast charging stands have always seemed excessive but for under $50, it might actually be worth it.

Catch's RRP: $118.73 Catch price: $49.99 58% off
Tomy KiiPix Smartphone Instant Film Printer
Printing photos hasn't been a popular business since the mid-2000s but if it's what you've been missing in your life, this smart phone printer is there to fill the gap.

RRP: $58.50 Catch Price: $27 54% off
Artiss Massage Office Chair
This one just screams 'you need me in your life' and we're not about to argue.

Catch's RRP: $442.95 Catch Price: $299.95 32% off
Neato D85 Botvac Robotic Cleaner
You could vacuum the house yourself but you could also defer the task to your new robot friend. We prefer the latter.

RRP: $869 Catch Price: $603.20 31% off
38" Acoustic guitar with steel strings
A lot of musical instruments get bought but never played. Fight against the tide and take up the challenge to become a musician in iso.

RRP: $150.95 Catch Price: $81.95 46% off

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