The 7 Click Frenzy Deals You Didn’t Know You Needed

The 7 Click Frenzy Deals You Didn’t Know You Needed
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Click Frenzy 2020 has officially kicked off, and with it comes a lot of random shit you probably don’t need but will likely buy anyway. And hey, who are we to stop you? Half the fun of shopping in the sales is coming out with endless things you didn’t intend to purchase, it’s the thrill. 

From one man tents to cooling pillows, here are some of our top picks for borderline useless but satisfying purchases.

Item Original Price Discounted Price Total savings 

Sensor Cool Standard Gel Infused Talalay Latex Pillow 2-Pack

Summer is coming and that means the season of sweaty sleep is upon us. Unless, you grab one of these pillows and enjoy a blissful moisture-wicked slumber.

Click Frenzy 2020
RRP: $119.00 Catch Price: $95.20 Save $23

Sonnenberg Double XL Swag Tent
Keen to go camping this summer? Grab this swag and be on your merry way.

RRP: $248.00 Catch Price: $148.00 Save $100
Samsung Wireless Charger Stand

Wireless fast charging stands have always seemed excessive but for under $50, it might actually be worth it. Click Frenzy 2020 has served it up with this deal.

Catch’s RRP: $149.90 Catch price: $91.99 Save $57

Everlast Ex Size 16oz Boxing Gloves – Black/Silver

Boxing is a great cardio workout that’ll have you sweating in no time. Make sure you invest in the right gear from the get-go though like these gloves. Nobody wants to deal with broken knuckles!

RRP: $69.99 Catch Price: $39.99 Save $30
Oceana Outdoor Hanging Egg Chair In Slate Grey With Stand

This one just screams ‘you need me in your life’ and we’re not about to argue.
Click Frenzy 2020

Catch’s RRP: $599.00 Catch Price: $539.10 Save $60

Mammoth 45L Cold Zone Fridge/Freezer

Summer is coming and you need something to keep your drinks cold – this esky is just the ticket.

Click Frenzy 2020
RRP: $499.00 Catch Price: $449.10 Save $50

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s 46mm Decker Sports Watch in Black

There’s honestly never been a better time to splurge on a new watch. It’d be a crime to pass this up.Click Frenzy 2020

RRP: $299.00 Catch Price: $159.00 Save $140


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