Super Bowl 2020: How To Watch Live, Online And Free

Super Bowl 2020: How To Watch Live, Online And Free

It’s nearly February, which means it’s Super Bowl season. This year will see the San Francisco 49ers take on the Kansas City Chiefs in Florida and despite being at least 14,000 kilometres away, Australians can watch it all live.

When is the 2020 Super Bowl on?

The 2020 Super Bowl coverage will begin on Monday 3 February from 10am AEDT, with kickoff expected at 10.30am AEDT. It’s expected to run until at least 2pm AEDT, so strap yourself in for a drawn-out game with plenty of controversial, big budget ads and an explosive half-time show.

2020 Super Bowl coverage start times:

  • Sydney: 10am
  • Melbourne: 10am
  • Brisbane: 9am
  • Adelaide:9.30am
  • Perth: 7am
  • Hobart: 10am
  • Darwin: 8.30am
  • Canberra: 10am

Stream the 2020 Super Bowl on Kayo Sports

The easiest way to watch the 2020 Super Bowl live, including the infamous half-time show and ads, is probably on Kayo Sports. You’ll be able to set it up on your phone, your tablet, your desktop browser or whatever works for you.

If you’ve yet to join up to Kayo Sports, head here and grab the first 14 days for free. It starts at $25 a month with no lock-in contract.

Click here to get your free trial.

Use a VPN to stream the 2020 Super Bowl

Although it’s a little more finicky, you can set up a VPN and watch the game through the US’ Fox channel or through the commercial-less BBC One via TV Player.

The best VPNs for the job include:

Prices shown are yearly subscription cost divided into monthly cost.

Just make sure you choose a location in the US or the UK depending on which channel you’d prefer to stream.

Watch the 2020 Super Bowl free on 7mate

If you’ve got access to a TV, Channel Seven’s 7mate will be airing the Super Bowl for free. If you don’t have your TV hooked up, you’re in luck because Seven also livestreams via 7Plus. Just expect a lot of ads because nothing’s truly for free after all.

Catch the 2020 Super Bowl on Foxtel

If you’re already signed up to Foxtel, you’ll be happy to hear you’re going to be able to watch it for free via the ESPN channel. Flick it on and tune in from 10am AEDT to catch the game.

To sign up for Foxtel with access to ESPN, you’ll have to purchase the base pack for $25 per month and then add on the $29 a month Sport subscription.

Visit your local sports bar

If setting up a streaming service or flicking on the TV just isn’t your vibe, head down to your local sports bar or pub. Not every venue has access to services but if they do, chances are you’ll be able to watch the game with a bunch of new best friends — how sport is is meant to be enjoyed.

The Most Controversial Super Bowl Ads

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