Ten Parking Crimes You Need To Stop Bloody Doing

Adolf Hitler. Idi Amin. Bad parkers. There is a special space in hell reversed for all three. Here are ten of the world's worst parking crimes that far too many of you are guilty of - from boxing other cars in to deliberately parking over the lines. We've also included photographic evidence of culprits in the act. How many are you guilty of?

Australia's Worst Parkers is a Facebook page dedicated to naming and shaming the worst parking across the nation. Similar pages also exist for Sydney, Perth, Queensland and various other states and townships. Below are the top 10 parking crimes that really get our hackles up. If you've ever parked like any of the photos below, you need to hand in your licence and start taking the bus. Your eternal soul could be at stake.

#10: Parking in the wrong direction

As we touched on in a recent Ask LH post, drivers are required to park their cars in the same direction as moving traffic when stopping on adjacent kerbs. Failing to do so obstructs your rear reflector lights at night and may also cause unnecessary confusion to other drivers. And yet, many drivers conveniently forget this law when they spot a free parking space on the other side of the road. Tch.

#9 Parking too far away from the kerb

As anyone going for their L-plates will tell you, a car's tyres should be as close to the kerb as possible. However, this takes a modicum of concentration and care, which is apparently too much effort for some drivers.

#8 Stealing pram and seniors spots

Most shopping centres reserve a handful of spaces near the entrance specifically for elderly drivers and families with prams. They're designed as a courtesy rather than a restricted space, which means a lot of other drivers feel entitled to use 'em too. (We're pretty sure the motorcyclist in the photo above wasn't towing a pram.)

#7 Bicyclists who waste parking spaces

Bicycles deserve the same respect as all other vehicles on the road. But that doesn't mean you have to hog a parking space when propping it against a lamp post will do the same job.

#6 Boxing other vehicles in

Sometimes, parking spaces can be a pretty tight fit. This doesn't give you the right to trap other cars though, even if you happen to look like Saddam Hussein.

#5 Authority Figures Who Can't Park

Like we need more reasons to hate traffic cops. Follow the rules, guys!

#4 Crap Reverse Parking

Look, we get it. Reverse parking can be a difficult skill to master. So instead of making a fool of yourself and potentially dinging other cars, it might be a better idea to find a space more suitable to your "level", hmm? Alternatively, print out this parking infographic and keep it in your glove box for emergencies.

#3 Parking over the lines

Seriously, how carelessly sloppy can you get? Even the most directionally-challenged driver on Earth should be able to line up their vehicle with two vertical parking lines. It's sheer laziness, plain and simple. We'll let US comedian Larry David have the last word on this particular crime against humanity/parking.

#2 Parking too close to other vehicles

Ooh, this one winds us up to no end. Add extra annoying points if there are plenty of free spaces in the car park.

#1 Anyone who does this

Apparently, this is a deliberate ploy to avoid the likelihood of doors slamming into the vehicle. If you see anyone park like this, we suggest you use your keys in inventive and destructive ways.

What parking snafus make your blood boil the most? Are there any circumstances when bad parking is permissible? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

This story has been updated since its original publication.


    All cars get dinged. I still haven't fixed the key mark and ding on my door, because i'm worried that within the first week I have a pristine car again, that something will happen and wreck it again. I'll get it all fixed up when I sell.

    The worst was leaving work on day and finding that someone had crashed into my car at a good speed. The entire left side was smashed in. Couldn't open the doors. Bits and pieces of the other cars reflectors were on the the ground, but they'd driven a way. No note, no nothing. I had to fix it out of my own pocket. That was a low blow.

    Failure to indicate, it equals failure to care about others just like parking.

    I see it all day long, people not using their blinks or turning them on way too late. Some suburbs in Sydney are completely devoid of turn signal use such as Eastwood and Mosman. When I think about it they too are big parking culprits too.

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