Ten Parking Crimes You Need To Stop Bloody Doing

Ten Parking Crimes You Need To Stop Bloody Doing

Adolf Hitler. Idi Amin. Bad parkers. There is a special space in hell reversed for all three. Here are ten of the world’s worst parking crimes that far too many of you are guilty of – from boxing other cars in to deliberately parking over the lines. We’ve also included photographic evidence of culprits in the act. How many are you guilty of?

Australia’s Worst Parkers is a Facebook page dedicated to naming and shaming the worst parking across the nation. Similar pages also exist for Sydney, Perth, Queensland and various other states and townships. Below are the top 10 parking crimes that really get our hackles up. If you’ve ever parked like any of the photos below, you need to hand in your licence and start taking the bus. Your eternal soul could be at stake.

#10: Parking in the wrong direction

Ten Parking Crimes You Need To Stop Bloody Doing

As we touched on in a recent Ask LH post, drivers are required to park their cars in the same direction as moving traffic when stopping on adjacent kerbs. Failing to do so obstructs your rear reflector lights at night and may also cause unnecessary confusion to other drivers. And yet, many drivers conveniently forget this law when they spot a free parking space on the other side of the road. Tch.

#9 Parking too far away from the kerb

Ten Parking Crimes You Need To Stop Bloody Doing

As anyone going for their L-plates will tell you, a car’s tyres should be as close to the kerb as possible. However, this takes a modicum of concentration and care, which is apparently too much effort for some drivers.

#8 Stealing pram and seniors spots

Ten Parking Crimes You Need To Stop Bloody Doing

Most shopping centres reserve a handful of spaces near the entrance specifically for elderly drivers and families with prams. They’re designed as a courtesy rather than a restricted space, which means a lot of other drivers feel entitled to use ’em too. (We’re pretty sure the motorcyclist in the photo above wasn’t towing a pram.)

#7 Bicyclists who waste parking spaces

Ten Parking Crimes You Need To Stop Bloody Doing

Bicycles deserve the same respect as all other vehicles on the road. But that doesn’t mean you have to hog a parking space when propping it against a lamp post will do the same job.

#6 Boxing other vehicles in

Ten Parking Crimes You Need To Stop Bloody Doing

Sometimes, parking spaces can be a pretty tight fit. This doesn’t give you the right to trap other cars though, even if you happen to look like Saddam Hussein.

#5 Authority Figures Who Can’t Park

Ten Parking Crimes You Need To Stop Bloody Doing

Like we need more reasons to hate traffic cops. Follow the rules, guys!

#4 Crap Reverse Parking

Ten Parking Crimes You Need To Stop Bloody Doing

Look, we get it. Reverse parking can be a difficult skill to master. So instead of making a fool of yourself and potentially dinging other cars, it might be a better idea to find a space more suitable to your “level”, hmm? Alternatively, print out this parking infographic and keep it in your glove box for emergencies.

#3 Parking over the lines

Ten Parking Crimes You Need To Stop Bloody Doing

Seriously, how carelessly sloppy can you get? Even the most directionally-challenged driver on Earth should be able to line up their vehicle with two vertical parking lines. It’s sheer laziness, plain and simple. We’ll let US comedian Larry David have the last word on this particular crime against humanity/parking.

#2 Parking too close to other vehicles

Ten Parking Crimes You Need To Stop Bloody Doing

Ooh, this one winds us up to no end. Add extra annoying points if there are plenty of free spaces in the car park.

#1 Anyone who does this

Ten Parking Crimes You Need To Stop Bloody Doing

Apparently, this is a deliberate ploy to avoid the likelihood of doors slamming into the vehicle. If you see anyone park like this, we suggest you use your keys in inventive and destructive ways.

What parking snafus make your blood boil the most? Are there any circumstances when bad parking is permissible? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

This story has been updated since its original publication.


  • Can you be fined for parking across the lines? Who would enforce this? I forgive the red car for parking too close as the @#$ in the black car did not park properly in the first place. The guy in the red car would have had to exit passenger side.

    • That’s how you imagined this one played out?
      Isn’t the simplest explanation that the red car parked, and then the black car parked, and he’s the douche?

        • Yeah the red car is close to the line but I can’t accept your argument that the black car is not over by a huge amount. The black cars tyre is clearly on the line and as the tyres actually sit in a reasonable way into the body of the car it actually means that at least several inches of the black car is in the red cars park. Doesn’t sound like much but with the ongoing shrinking of park spaces (so they can squeeze an extra car in the car park) that small amount makes a huge difference.

          • Doesn’t sound like much but with the ongoing shrinking of park spaces (so they can squeeze an extra car in the car park) that small amount makes a huge difference.

            Normally that would be true, but pram-friendly parking spaces are extra wide. If the red car was second, I think they parked extra close to the black car to make a point.

        • I have a disability and I come across it all the time! It is actually quite rare for them to get a fine. I have called the police on more than one occasion and they usually try to tell me it is not their responsibility and I need to contact the car park owner. Their attitude usually changes when I ask will I get into trouble if I hook up my winch and drag the car out!

          • Not only is parking in a disabled zone with out a permit common it is very often P-Platers that do the offending – and they can be very lippy if you ask them to move…

          • It doesn’t help that there are always way too many disabled parks.

            How often have you been driving up & down looking for a free carpark, only to find about 8 free disabled parks. Seriously, how many disabled people do these shopping centres think are going to come at the same time?!

            It’s not like disabled people think twice about stealing a normal park when all theirs are full.

          • They’ve recently built a new carpark at Penrith station, and the number of disabled spots they’ve put in is ridiculous. About half of the available spots on the bottom level of the undercover section are disabled spots (pretty much all of the spots around the perimeter) and they are NEVER even close to being all filled. @chrisjager may have seen this himself if he commutes from Penrith, which I’m fairly sure he does.

          • The amount of disabled spaces required is determined by the overall amount of spaces in the whole car park complex.

          • It’s not like disabled people think twice about stealing a normal park when all theirs are full.

            Seriously? Disabled parking isn’t there to separate people with disabilities from people without disabilities. Trust me, people with disabilities aren’t sitting around waiting for an excuse to steal your “normal” parking space.

          • There needs to be more than enough disabled spots. They must never be full. They MUST be able to park near an entrance. Other people can park anywhere, even on the street outside if needed.

          • Actually, free disabled spaces are often difficult to find.
            STEALING A NORMAL PARK??????
            Are you serious?
            Do you expect disabled shoppers to go home again if the disabled parks are already taken?

          • Break off their windscreen wipers. What are they going to do? Complain to the police that they were illegally parked and someone damaged their sweet ride?

          • Or punch you in the head? Seriously, if you’re going to take the law into your own hands, don’t cry when someone else takes it into theirs and you end up with a black eye.

          • very few people throw that punch… im fortunate enough that I can push people to their breaking point and deal with the outcomes, one in maybe twenty to twenty five will go to throwing punches…. If someone wont throw one after I tell them theyre a coward and a disgrace to their kids and I f*cked their wives then they’ll never throw one

            aggressive encounters rarely get to blows

          • No no no. You’re doing it wrong. Let their tires down and superglue the valves and caps in place. Then they have to call roadside assist to help only to find that they can’t be inflated and have to be towed.

          • Yeah, great idea, then one day you’ve done it to someone that actually parked that way because of an emergency… And then their wife has to give birth in the carpark, cheers man >_>

          • I’ll come help you winch it. It is private property and they need to proof you touched the vehicle.
            Got parked in once at a Westfield. Deflated the 2 front tyres of culprit and next minute police arrived at my front door claiming damage to property. So I took them up on their offer to go to court proving the damage, nothing ever came of it. I lost all my respect for the police unfortunately.

          • Go jacks are great, move their car for them and make them think they’ve gone mad. Extra points if you park their car sideways somewhere you cant get out from.

          • i am curious to know what your disability is…being able to hook up a winch and all

            i just pictured in my mind a person in a seniors electric scooter attempting to tow a car lol

          • I have arthrogryposis multiplex congenita amyoplasia. It is basically stiffness and arthritis in all my joints.

          • ah i see, did it occur naturally or due to some accident?

            i got hit by a car while on a bike.
            dont need a wheelchair. and i can do squats at the gym
            but its the most random movements like taking the stairs/extending my legs too quickly/walking for a long time etc that make my knee joints hurt. Obvious muscular/ligament/joint issue but because MRIs and CTs dont show anything, no doctor will diagnose me with anything so nobody takes me seriously when i say i have bad knees. Its especially bad because i take the bus and need a seat, but everyone sees the seemingly fit mid 20’s guy taking up a disabled seat on the bus and gives me a dirty

      • Oh I dunno, visit a local school and check out their disabled spots in the afternoon. Of the 10 or so cars you’ll see pick up children in the afternoon in those spots, maybe a solitary 1 will be a disabled vehicle. The truly disabled vehicles are relegated to having to use normal spots or even taking up 2 normal spots to get their wheelchair kids in. I’ve seen this happen and been in the position of having to berate someone to get their lazy ass out of a spot. It’s embarassing for all parties just because of someones lazy selfish prickish self.

        • I’ve seen a parent park in a handicap spot. A younger guy with a walking stick, who was parked in the disabled spot next to her, told the parent off. The mother said “I have a pram. A pram is no different to a wheelchair. You should be the one parking someone else. You don’t know how hard it is for people with prams”

          • Ugh. That’s annoying for sure. People should only park in spots appropriate to them. A pram is very different to a wheel chair. Very different. I’m a parent and I’d never ever make that comparison. Absolutely mortifying that someone would.

        • Schools are a nightmare for parking on all levels. I’ve already been abused twice for parking in the wrong spot. One I didn’t even know there was a sign (it was behind a tree). The other was an emergency, we had to pick up our child. Helpful parents were waiting for us to tell us how bad we were to leave our car in a drop off zone. I did not appreciate their views.

      • parents with pram’s spots are a load of crap anyway my local supermarket used to have a whole bunch of disabled parks which for my dad (paraplegic) was great then they started this crappy practice by slashing the number of disabled parks and changing them to parents with prams parks, now my dad can never get a park so he has to park way back and wheel himself to the shop while little miss fully functioning legs just has to wheel a pram that weights like 20Kg’s at most

        i am disgusted with this practice and despise anyone who defends it

        • My local shopping centre, the parents with pram spots are in the middle of the carpark. They’re wider than usual spots, just not near the entrance like they are in most centres. They’re not often used, except when there’s no other spots, when anyone parks in them. Not just parents.

    • I don’t know why but the concept of parent parking really irritates me. Having a child is a choice, not a disability.

      With that said, I agree, people who park in disabled parks without cause are the scum of the earth.

        • They’re closer to minimise the amount of time spent with kids travelling through the other vehicles that are moving in to, out of, and between spots. This can be especially stressful if there’s one kid in the stroller, and others on foot. They also tend to be bigger spots so that it’s possible to get a kid into the stroller away from the aforementioned traffic.

        • Little kids dont have wheels (and they also don’t have road sense).

          Think about it this way – What would you prefer?

          – No Parent spots and have parents struggling with kids and prams and shopping whilst trying to get in and out of the car (and having a high risk of a lapse of attention that leads to your car getting accidentally dented / scratched)

          – Specific Parent spots and have the above isolated to a specific area, and your car has less of a chance of getting dented / scratched.

      • Try taking a child shopping and see if you maintain that attitude. Little things like bigger and closer spots can help to remove some of the stress out of the experience. It’s actually a nice thing that the malls do (even if it is designed to make you more likely to go there and spend your money).

        • While I don’t disagree with the point you’re making, Zaras does also have a point. Parents choose (most do anyway) to have kids. When you make that choice, you live with the consequences.
          Having said that, it’s completely up to the malls/shopping centres to organise their parking layout.

          I don’t mind the extra walk.

          • To play devil’s advocate, many people in wheelchairs were disabled through dangerous lifestyle choices (sky diving, drink driving, etc). Should we apply the same principle to them?

          • That’s true and a fair point.
            I can’t speak for all disabled people, but I wouldn’t compare the impairment of physical or mental disability to having children.
            Also, unless a parent honestly hates their kids, I’d say most would agree that their kids are a positive inclusion to their lives. I don’t think the disabled would say the same thing about their situation.
            I’m not against the parking idea tbh. I’m generally only peeved by parents with a sense of entitlement or self importance because they have kids.

          • I’m definitely don’t feel more entitled or important due to being a parent. But I think I’m equally peeved by non-parents who think they are being ripped off due to the selfish/foolish/careless decisions of others to have children. Note that I’m not saying that’s you, either!

            That said, I was always annoyed by people who parked in parent spots and disabled spots well before I had a child, because society is a nicer place when people stick to the rules – even if they think the rules are stupid. Acting outside the rules doesn’t make you a lifehacker, it generally just makes you inconsiderate.

          • I saw a disabled old lady once who needed to be near the entrance and as all of the disabled parks where full (of disabled people I believe)….she parked in a parent spot…turns out some lady-who didn’t even have a child with her took exception to that and started abusing her for parking there…..these are the people that ruin it for others!

            Disabled parking beats parent parking everyday of the week.

          • To be fair in the application of this principle you’d need to make a distinction between the causes of disability. How would you differentiate between a woman who was disabled because she was doing something stupid and a woman who was disabled because, for example, she was shot in the spine by the Joker?

          • I realise it’s the symbol used to denote disabled parking, but can I just point out that disability does not necessarily mean wheelchair dependent. Also, people with disabilities other than those caused by injury qualify for an ACROD sticker. MS, mobility issues relating to ageing, people with congenital disabilities (eg thalidomide), cerebral palsy, carers transporting the disabled etc are all possible users of disabled parking. None of these people choose to be in the situation they’re in.
            There is no comparison between the choice to have children and getting a debilitating injury as a result of choosing to do something risky (like, say, riding a bike to work). I’ve never looked at someone in a wheelchair and made the assumption that they probably brought it on themselves and I wasn’t aware that some people harboured that attitude. Do you have any figures to back up the “many” statement?

          • disability does not necessarily mean wheelchair dependent.

            “I have a st-st-st-stutter, you pr-pr-pr-prick!”

            [Edit: Just to be clear, I harbour no such attitude. I was playing devil’s advocate, as clearly outlined in the first sentence.]

          • You rarely choose to have a sky diving accident or crash your car while drunk driving.

            And you get 2 months to stop the choice of having a kid (longer cooling off period of any contract)

            You want a kid, fine. though you have to live with the consequences.

          • You sound like the parent who told a disabled guy “A pram is no different to a wheelchair” when he told her off for parking in a disabled spot.

          • Pretty sure someone who has a skydiving accident is not going to need a disabled park ever.

          • The majority of skydiving accidents occur during an otherwise non-eventful landing. Broken ankles, legs, coccyx, ribs, arms usually occurs from a slight misjudgement of speed/height. Most landings are as gentle as stepping off a chair, but a panicky decision or a sudden downdraught can turn that into something like jumping ofrom a third story balcony. You won’t be dead, but something is going to hurt.

      • Because Monday to Friday during work hours mothers with prams are a shopping centres huge demographic. The shopping centre is catering to that target market to encourage their visits and spending.
        It wasn’t that long ago pram parking, child play areas and baby change rooms didn’t exist in shopping centres.
        That’s all it is. Pure and simple.

        Secondly, you don’t need a permit to park in a pram spot. Its just another space. Youre not going to get fined for it.

      • When I’m struggling to get a child into the car, I need to have the door opened as much as possible. Many ‘car-seats’ are actually capsules. You can’t get the capsule in the car unless you can open the door all the way.
        Now. If you don’t mind the red-paint from my door on your car, then by all means, take up these space. If you’re a dick that parks to close, I don’t give a f#$k about my paintwork. If it’s what it takes to get a baby capsule into the car so I can leave, I’ll open the door all the way, ding your paint work and not care.
        Does that make me irresponsible? Probably. I’m carrying 7kg (child + carrier) and I’m tired. I’ve just done the shopping and carried everything. I just want to load my child in the car and go home and rest. Now, if only we had places where we could do this without dinging your car. Stay out of those spots. Leave them free for parents so they can *get their kids into the car* and problem solved.
        Until you have kids, you have no idea how much space they take up. I’ll also point out that not all kids are a choice. Just because it’s an accident doesn’t mean you love them less. It just means you have a couple of fewer months to plan for their arrival.
        However, agree with you about disabled parking thieves.

        • Dude, as a father of three I understand this sentiment contained in the comment but it pisses me off too as that could be my car you’re recklessly ‘dinging’. If the doors are a problem for you, do what I did: trade in your car for a Tarago (or similar with sliding van doors)
          No excuse for vandalism

          • x a million on this. There are plenty of options out there for parents who are incapable of getting their kids out without hitting other cars with their doors. On this note, why has it now almost become a requirement of being a parent to have a jacked up 4wd or SUV? I fkn LOVE dings from the bottom corner of your massive oversized gas guzzling cars doors in line with my door handle. At least with a sedan it’s usually the middle part of the door making contact, less likely to cause damage unless you lean on it or really slam it open.

        • If you’re a dick that parks to close, I don’t give a f#$k about my paintwork. If it’s what it takes to get a baby capsule into the car so I can leave, I’ll open the door all the way, ding your paint work and not care.

          And then I will punch you in the face.

        • My local shopping centre, the parents with pram spots are in the middle of the carpark, not near the entrance. They are wider, so they can get kids in and out of the car easier, like you say is the main reason. But parents don’t use them. They park in the spots closest to the entrance with the narrower parking spots.

          And if someone dinged my well parked car, I’ll contact the centre, look at security footage, and bill the person who damaged my car.

        • Yeah don’t ding doors dude. We’ve all been there but you should try and care for the cars next to you. If everyone had your attitude (because you’re tired) then we all get dinged cars. Not cool.

      • Try taking a 3 year old toddler shopping – you will then start to appreciate the concept of parent parking!

        Edit: Just reading the @davethetech reply reminded me. These extra large bays are also for your own car’s protection, not the parent’s car. Trying to get infants/toddlers/kids in and out of a car is a lot more difficult than it should be.

      • No legal reason to make parental parking… why do major shopping centres do it? For all the reason below – safety etc BUT really it’s about getting parents to shop in their centres…
        I have kids and 99% of the time we don’t park in parents spots but when we do it’s because without them we would go elsewhere. (and that’s OUR choice!)
        Why do they make great parents room with couches and TV’s and special little toilets? Again to keep us happy and shopping in their centres…
        The Centre makes a choice to market to parents cause we spend a lot… make it easier for us to spend with you and we will… The $ rules…

      • Not everyone made the choice to be a parent dude. For some of us things like abortion aren’t an option or even a consideration. Some of us take responsibility for our actions if we’re able to. There is a big difference.

          • Well you do contradict yourself pretty well there. You say it’s not a choice for all people to have kids but unless it’s the product of a rape, that’s not really true, is it?

          • Indeed I did, it makes as much sense as pissing and whining over parent parking spots. An infant childs safety is paramount compared to that of an adult who can protect themselves. If that means a special spot in a carpark for their prams to go so they can be safer, to get them out of harms way, so be it. Only a bastard would deny them that right.

          • I don’t believe in god. @rowan, sorry man usually you’re better than that, above religious baiting and all that.

      • Well, I hope you get over it sometime because it is one of many accommodations that are made in society. We fund cancer treatment for people who got lung cancer after years of smoking. We provide occupational therapy for someone who lost their leg after crashing a car through negligence.

        It is certainly true that parents have chosen to have children, but it is also true that parenting is hard, and that if no-one was having children we’d soon have some serious lifestyle problems.

    • Gee I’m glad we had parent parking 30 years ago when I was a toddler. Otherwise I may not have…………………… Wait a minute we didn’t. My parents still manage to negotiate a carpark with 2 children without indecent. But then again my parents used to like taking responsibility for their children, and you know controlling them in public rather than letting them run loose

      • 30 years ago parking spaces where wider, and Cars where smaller.

        Now days when they repaint lines they try to get at least 1 more car in per a row and there are tons of giant SUVs.

  • If you see anyone park like this, we suggest you use your keys in inventive and destructive ways.

    …which is a far, far greater dick move than simply parking in an insensitive manner.

  • You’d have a heart attack if you spent any time parking in France, where all of these are pretty much the norm, not to mention parking over pedestrian crossings, on tight street corners, in aisle-ways and entrances of parking garages. If they can do more than one of these at a time, it’s simply extra points for them.

    The other crime you mentioned is parallel parking in the middle of a spot that can easily accommodate two cars – that it’s so often done by a very small car makes it even worse. Similarly parking between two signs and leaving a metre or so between the end of the car and the nearest sign, thereby eliminating a potential extra car space.

  • As anyone going for their L-plates will tell you, a car’s tyres should be as close to the kerb as possible.

    I know it’s been a while since I did my driving test, but I’m pretty sure this is wrong. IIRC, technically, your tyres are not supposed to be in the gutter, they are meant to be on the road, as close to the gutter as possible. They should not be in the gutter and right next to the kerb, because this creates drainage blockages.

    You need to park on the tarmac, not on the concrete, but as close to the concrete as possible. This could possibly vary from state to state though.

  • In regards to #1, I think the real crime is the fact that they drive a Ford F series truck in a dense urban area. If they drove a normally sized car, parking wouldn’t be an issue!

    • Definitely not defending parking like that and not defending EVERYBODY with a vehicle that size but do you know his situation? Don’t you think there may be a perfectly acceptable reason for his choice of vehicle?

  • While the guy taking up four parking spaces is obviously a dick, I think if you own a really nice car (think Ferrari and up), it’s somewhat understandable to want to take up two spaces so careless idiots around you don’t bang their doors into your car, especially when the cost of fixing a scratch or dent in a car like that can easily cost several thousand. I’m not sure if I’d do it, but I don’t begrudge people who do.

    • I certainly do. A few months back I went to my local shops and there was a Lamborghini parked there absolutely dead centre on the line, taking up 2 spaces. It was obviously deliberate as opposed to just bad parking. I regard this person as an utter dick.

      Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my car and would be gutted if it got scratched or dinged in a car park, but that doesn’t give me or anybody the right to take up 2 spaces. If you’re that worried about it then don’t take your Lamborghini to the shops in the first place – leave it at home and take whatever you use as your daily drive.

        • There are expensive cars and there are expensive cars.
          Sure, you generally wouldn’t use such a car to do your weekly shopping, but just about every public destination has car parks, not just shops. I suspect you and @braaains would sing a different tune if you parked your car worth several hundred thousand dollars and some jealous/careless prick slammed their car door into yours. Of course in a perfect world you wouldn’t need to resort to double parking, but it’s not a perfect world.

          • I don’t see how it’d make a difference. Presumably somebody who can afford a Lamborghini is operating at a different financial level than me (I drive a Nissan). So while it might cost him more to fix his Lamborghini than what it would cost me to fix my Nissan, I suspect it would be fairly similar in terms of the percentage of our income that would be getting spent on it. So yeah, I don’t think having to fix his Lamborghini would hurt him any more than anybody else having to fix their car.

            If you can afford that kind of car in the first place, I don’t think the cost of fixing a scratch in the paint or a minor ding in the door is going to keep you awake at night.

          • Or if you accidentally dented their car with your door (accidents happen) and had to cough up the $10k or whatever it is to get it fixed and repainted!

          • Poorer people own cheaper cars, and a dent in that car hurts them and their low-income situation just as badly as the rich and his ferrari if it gets a small ding.

          • Slow clap for declaring that poor people have no standards and don’t care how they present themselves because they’re poor.

          • Uhhh, no. But if you’re poor you probably have several other things to prioritise your money towards before repairing a dent in your car. Therefore, the dent will probably go unfixed. If I was poor and my car was dented I surely won’t be spending what little money I have on getting it fixed if the car is still perfectly driveable. Nothing to do with not having standards, it’s about prioritising your spending.

          • I get annoyed when i find door dings on my car… and it’s just an Echo.

            Total inconsiderate pr!cks.

          • Yep, I have a ’97 mondeo and I was still upset when a co-worker (!) scratched the sh*t out of one side, got out, had a look and drove off. I was told about it by another staff member who made her come over to me the next day and apologise/offer to repair it.

    • I don’t begrudge people who do either.

      I drive an old small car, and I park beside them. I have no passenger side mirror. They have to get in the passenger side door if they get back to their car before I get back to mine.

    • Shit if I owned a ferrari, then I could probably just take my other car, you know, the one that doesn’t cost $250,000 to the shops.

      And park very far away.

  • I’ve been tempted to double park to stop people from scratching/denting my car. Never done it, but from the amount of people who slam their doors open into my car, and shrug it off as if it’s perfectly acceptable and unavoidable, I’m slowly warming up to the idea.
    Thankfully when I park at work, I usually have the widest spot.

  • I always reverse park make it easier leaving and I dead centre when reverse parking so bonus their but for the life of me a can’t parallel park so I never even try I don’t care about a 5 minute walk to get to where I’m going

    • It depends, if the spots closer to the door don’t have access ramps, or require crossing over the road/traffic flow. Sometimes they are positioned to make it easier to access the building, not faster.

  • RE. Doubling parking because you have a nice car, typically if you can avoid taking it to the shops in the first place you should. Otherwise, try going to the shops when it isn’t peak hours and park towards the back of the shopping center where it’s less likely that there’ll be cars parked next to you.

    This brings me to my biggest parking pet peeve; people who park right next to one of the few parked cars in a mostly empty car-park.

    • I only have a Yaris but I must admit I do park across 2 spots sometimes to stop f***wits opening their doors on my car. Doesn’t matter if you paid $15k or $150k for your car you should not have to put up with door dings due to morons. Having said that I often park as far away from the shopping centre doors as possible to again avoid morons but it doesn’t work – my car could be the only car for 3 miles with a million empty spots between me & the shops and some dipshit will still come park right beside it. Also, NO! Parents do not deserve special parking spots, try leaving your obnoxious brats at home if annoying everybody else at the shops by taking them is too stressful for you.

      • Let’s contrast:
        Also, NO! Parents do not deserve special parking spots, try leaving your obnoxious brats at home if annoying everybody else at the shops by taking them is too stressful for you.
        with I only have a Yaris but I must admit I do park across 2 spots sometimes to stop f***wits opening their doors on my car.
        If you can’t handle the impact of the shopping centre on your Yaris, you should leave it at home.
        (i.e. you, sir, are the fuckwit)

      • Leaving kids alone at home is not only stupid, it’s illegal.
        Your level of resentment toward children is quite obscene – you were once a LITTLE obnoxious brat brought along to the shops too.

    • Oh I’ve seen that, and worse, at shopping centers before… they’ll do that and lock their bikes to the guard rails between two car park spaces for instance. Ridiculous.

  • The people parking the wrong way are very likely to be British or European: it’s ok to park like that in that part of the world. I used to live in Scotland and it drove me potty when people used to park on dark streets facing the wrong way. They also used to park like they do in Paris: on kerbs, corners, yellow lines, anywhere technically ‘illegal’. But in Scotland they had so much more space… they just didn’t want to walk, I guess.

  • Never mind the parents needing bigger car parks, how about making all parking spaces wider in the first place? The number of times I have been parked on the line on one side, gone around to the other and found I’m pretty much on the line there is astounding and annoying.

    No way of avoiding it, there are some car parks that unless I take up two parks I simply can not get in or out. I was forced to take 9 manoeuvres (and use every last mm of road) to get out of one park when everybody had parked within the lines, there was simply not enough room at the back and not enough room either side, lucky the carpark was at fault and not the drivers. Sorry for being that dick who’s taking up 2 parks but my bulbar will find your car if you key mine or park me in. Period.

        • Ah that’s fair enough then :p

          I’m lucky enough to live somewhere most major shopping centres are 20-30+ years old, so the carparks can fit a car AND open your door!

          • The shopping centres near me have been upgraded over the years, whilst some of the original parking areas still exist, the lines have been repainted and you can see just how much smaller they have made the parks. I still try to park in the old area (read area, not parking bays) where possible because there’s less crowds, less damage and the carpark it self doesn’t require a 3pt turn to exit it. Yeah it’s bit of a walk but you don’t have to deal with the ignorant mums zooming round and round and getting frustrated because they can’t get a park that’s 2m away from the door.

          • Old multistories are good for that, they can’t cram more parks in because they have support columns everywhere. Some new parks though you can barely get out of a Golf.

      • Use your head mate.

        a) I wouldn’t do it unless I saw exactly who did it, i.e I was walking back to the car and saw them do it or..
        b) If they’ve parked me in, It’s kinda hard to miss which car has caused the problem. I always take note of the make, model and colour of the cars parked next to me (sometimes the number plate if it’s easy to remember).

  • Agreed completely Stig, parking bays are not designed properly for the likes of Yank Tanks such as the one pictured last. These vehicles can not physically fit in 1 bay due to the width and length of the vehicle, that is why the driver has taken 4 bays. The people commentating and the author have clearly no experience what so ever with these vehicles. By all means if you have access to a vehicle that size please organise to drive it, better yet a truck is even better.

    These pity annoyances that you have with a vehicle the size of the Ford Ute illustrated in the last picture is probably carried over towards truck drivers, being a casual truck driver in Perth is utter hell due to no one knowing how to drive around vehicles of a larger nature. Yes we are slow to take off, we are also slow to stop – don’t pull into our large space between the next vehicle, that is our safe stopping distance, not your spot.

      • Honestly you need to either drive a vehicle that size or get a tape measure, you will get boxed in parking in 2 bays, the vehicle width and length is too wide – these are much bigger vehicles than say a Toyota Landcruiser that i own, with the bullbar the tray is sticking out of the rear. The Yank tanks are again WIDER and LONGER. I am sorry Chris, you are just plain wrong about the last one.

        • @MClicense Gonna call BS on that one because it looks like it could fit into one bay just like a normal car. There’s a stack of room on either side and the front and back. Also I know a couple of people with cars that size that can park perfectly fine in one bay. The driver is just being a douche. That being said, I might (emphasize the might), be able to understand someone parking in 4 bays if they were driving a Marauder, but they arent, so that’s a moot point.

          • It’s almost like these kinds of cars aren’t really designed to fit into small shopping centre car parks.

      • If my father can fit his Isuzu 200 series 3.5 tonne truck in a regular car space with room for others around, then those with those F series utes & similar can. (Given the F350 is almost the length of 2 car spaces, seems unnecessary to me)

      • Mate they really are that big, they just aren’t made for the Roads or the parking spaces in this country. I think you should need a truck Light Rigid license to drive them. I think there should be an oversized vehicle license for SUVs, if they are wider, longer or taller than a set of parameters than you need an oversized license.

        They’d disappear from the roads if you needed to qualify to drive them.

        • They also are fucking useless in terms of what they can carry, they’re massive and their tray space is tiny in comparison to light commercial trucks of the same size.

          • Oh I agree they are useless. A Ute can carry more and takes up less space, a Trailer is more practical for an occasional load, and a proper light rigid truck is more sensible.

        • Some of the imported ones do actually require a light rigid license to drive as they are rated for over 4.5 tonne.

          Licensing in this country is a whole different issue in itself. For instance, some of the light trucks are purposely rated so that they can be driven on a car license when in reality they’re capable of carrying more. This means that their drivers haven’t had any proper experience and still attempt to drive them like cars, taking corners too quickly and sharp, not staying within their lanes because they are unaware of the additional width, etc, etc.

          I agree that anything larger than your standard size single or dual cab ute doesn’t yield a large enough benefit to offset the additional size. Chuck a trailer on (another licensing issue there, another day perhaps) for those times when you need the extra space.

    • They not even need to be yank tanks, I know for a fact that land cruisers do the same thing in said shopping centre and I wouldn’t call the Navara that enormous. Why have we reached a point where those who use their cars for carrying more than just themselves from point a to point b are disadvantaged?

      I’ve driven a few HR vehicles, enough to know what you mean. Common courtesy and giving way to these vehicles is pretty much gone as far as I’m concerned but that’s another issue.

  • “Apparently, this is a deliberate ploy to avoid the likelihood of doors slamming into the vehicle. If you see anyone park like this, we suggest you use your keys in inventive and destructive ways.”

    really, you are an idiot.

    The number of times I have had idiots opening up their doors onto my vehicle/s is infuriating.
    The mums in the SUV do not give two shits about my classic or exotic cars. I once watched in absolute horror from inside a woolworths a old guy reversing out of a parking bay whilst scratching my car from the front fender all the way to the back, the kicker here is that he had no idea that he was doing it he was absolutely oblivious – The car that he scratched of mine was a 1971 Ford Mustang, it cost me about $8.500 to get it repaired and repainted, up until that point it still had it’s original paint the old guy was driving a run down Holden Apollo.

    I now park between bays to stop this from happening however I only do so when the car park is empty, if it is a busy car park I usually have to park my car a few blocks away just to be safe.

    I’m a car enthusiast. You may not be but I don’t like it how to suggest that readers should take it upon themselves to ruin other peoples pride and joy.

    It’s one thing of jealous people ruining nice cars it’s another when you do it out of spite.

    how dare you.

    • I very recently purchased a brand new SV6 ute. Nothing super flash but it’s the nicest car I’ve ever owned and is costing me a decent chunk of my earnings. I love it.

      I work in a shopping center and in less than 12 months the paintwork and body is destroyed. Multiple dents, paint chips and scrapes all over it and two massive gouges where some idiot took a screwdriver to it. Got a quote recently to fix it at about $5000. All because people are thoughtless idiots or straight up dickwits.

      So I agree. It’s a stupid piece of advice as I wouldn’t wish that on anything.

      • Yes, I tend to find that the people who could not care less are the ones that have no interest in cars half of them probably don’t even know how many cylinder their own cars have.

        needless to say they most likely drive shit boxes.

    • The most sane comment I’ve actually seen on here. I don’t care if I am parked next to a 1988 Ford or a Mclaren F1, this is someone’s pride and joy. I’d never intentionally damage anyone’s car regardless of circumstances. If you know who did it, that’s what insurance is for. Taking matters into your own hands makes you just as bad, not to mention a douche.

  • anybody who takes up more then one spot gets a letter on there window from me. If i see the same car again doing the same thing it get’s scratched, boxed in, parked right next to drivers side door etc.
    You may own an expensive car but you do not own the road or the carparks.
    Take up more then 1 car space deliberately , you deserve everything you get

    • I’m not a big fan of those people who drive around in obnoxiously large trucks that they probably don’t need 80% of the time, but you’re still a dick if you key someone’s car.

    • So you’re saying you do this even to tradies who have a ute & trailer who park within the lines of a car space but take up the front and one behind them?

    • What about when the Trailer spaces at Bunnings are taken up by people in cars so that the people who need two spaces (Front and back, not side by side) need normal car spaces. Do you go sticker the cars for parking wrong?

    • From people like you obviously? Who made you the judge of how other people act? It’s not your place to enforce the rules. If that’s what you want to do, become a cop.

    • And if I was walking past someone doing that, I’d take photos/video with my phone and wait as long as required to show the owner who messed his car up… You going “oh dang I can’t park there” is no excuse for damaging property.

  • Urban 4WDs, (soccer Mums) and and Tradesmen are my pet peeve. Not only when they have total lack of consideration when parking but also when they are unable to keep to their own lane whilst driving.

  • We were getting our kids out of the car once, parked in a pram parking spot, a car pulled in next to us with P plates, no kids/car seats in the car.
    When the young guys got out I asked them if they knew they were parking in a spot designated for parents with prams. There response was “well our mums didn’t have this parking when we were kids, so it’s only fair we park in it now”
    I made a complaint to the shopping centre and they said there wasn’t anything they could do about it.

      • If their shopping centre is anything like mine, security is on constant patrol around the centre & car parks and it’s easy to ask one of them. So really no time wasted there.

      • er what?

        I didn’t have to walk anywhere out of my way.

        Also the parents with prams car parks are often not only closer but wider/longer.

        By the sounds of it you’re someone who parks in the parents with prams parking when you don’t have kids

        • Nope, I’m the type of person who parks in the first park when I enter and walks, unlike every lazy bastard circling the first two rows like the parents with prams.

  • What an interesting discussion.
    Many differing points from all ends of the gene pool.
    Things to think about:
    1. Do shopping centres change the size of existing car parks to accommodate the recent requirements of disabled, parent and senior parks? If they do then they can add to the angst regarding standard parkers.
    2. Giving parents their own parks does not always make them safer. I personally saved a child because her mother was more worried about her shopping than securing her child, wandered away from the car.
    3. I wonder if those who complain about dings and scratches on their cars are the same people who don’t return shopping trolleys to collection bays? For those egos who take up multiple spaces cannot protect their vehicle from trolley damage.
    Finally for the precious little car owners who complain about their paintwork: Do you also complain about diesel/petrol fumes, stone chips, bird poop etc which will also damage paint. It is inevitable that paint degrades and chips. If you choose to buy a car its wear and tear, I would liken it to someone complaining about hairdressers because their hair grew or the colour needed to be redone. in the firs case thats nature in the second that was your choice live with it.

    PS for Eclipisoid using keys as a weapon is not good, police won’t be happy and if it was me I would use a similar metal weapon on you if you tried to punch me like that, punching with a fist does little damage punching with a spike can do extensive damage.

    • Finally for the precious little car owners who complain about their paintwork: Do you also complain about diesel/petrol fumes, stone chips, bird poop etc which will also damage paint. It is inevitable that paint degrades and chips. If you choose to buy a car its wear and tear, I would liken it to someone complaining about hairdressers because their hair grew or the colour needed to be redone. in the firs case thats nature in the second that was your choice live with it.

      You simply have no idea on what you are talking about. Yes, those things may damage your vehicle over time but there are many ways of preventing such issues. Again referring to my previous story the 1971 Ford Mustang.

      Quiz for you buddy. Do you know how much a pristine condition 2-Door 1971 ford mustang mach 1 is worth, these things DO NOT depreciate in value they go up .

      > 1971, thats 42 years old, the paint was still in pristine condition (original paint from 1971) up until 2012 when it was unfortunately scratched up (now has unoriginal paint) . This Car was driven frequently, it has been behind large trucks many times in it’s life. What you are stating is just plain out ignorant. There are thousands of cars driving around today from many decades ago still sporting their original paint, these owners are the ones that take care of their cars. You know polishing also does more than just make your car look shiny?

      – Stone chips, hardly do anything the worst case scenario is that they chip your window or scuff the clear coat.
      – Bird poop, Oh I don’t know maybe just wash or wipe it off when I get the chance, You know it takes a few days for it to actually do anything and if that is anything then just cut and polish away the abrasion.
      – Diesel/petrol is so trivial why bother even mentioning that.

      Comparing cars to haircuts is just absurd, simply from that statement I can already tell you are an idiot.

      I’m not rich, I work bloody hard for what I buy and it’s people like you that ruin it for the rest of us.

    • Saying that people dinging or scratching your car is normal “wear and tear” is moronic. If someone threw a rock through your bedroom window or graffitid your fence would you say that’s normal house wear and tear too?

    • A wash and wax routine of maybe an hour once a week protects against Fumes, Bird poo, and road dust. People who care about their cars make the time for it.

      I always wanted inflatable car armour, a bit like a car cover put it on, blow it up. Most blows are absorbed.

    • *facepalm* You obviously know very little about cars, or car enthusiasts. Someone smashing your paint with a trolley or car door being ‘wear and tear’ couldn’t be further from the truth.

  • so bikers are castigated for the rare parking on a ‘car’ spot…. but the reverse, cars being parked on a bike lane, is completely missing. While the first is at most a minor inconvenience the latter can even actively endanger lives…

  • All cars get dinged. I still haven’t fixed the key mark and ding on my door, because i’m worried that within the first week I have a pristine car again, that something will happen and wreck it again. I’ll get it all fixed up when I sell.

    The worst was leaving work on day and finding that someone had crashed into my car at a good speed. The entire left side was smashed in. Couldn’t open the doors. Bits and pieces of the other cars reflectors were on the the ground, but they’d driven a way. No note, no nothing. I had to fix it out of my own pocket. That was a low blow.

  • Failure to indicate, it equals failure to care about others just like parking.

    I see it all day long, people not using their blinks or turning them on way too late. Some suburbs in Sydney are completely devoid of turn signal use such as Eastwood and Mosman. When I think about it they too are big parking culprits too.

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