Find Out If A Movie Is On Netflix, Foxtel Or Stan With This App

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With an ever-increasing number of streaming services available in Australia, it's becoming harder (at least, more time-consuming) to figure out where a movie or television series is streaming from. Add to that, content is a revolving door with licences expiring and new ones beginning. Luckily for us, there's a site that tells you where to find your favourite new-release movie or show.

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What is it?

Just Watch is a content database designed to let you know where shows and movies are screening in each country. That means you'll find out if the major streaming services, like Stan, Netflix or Foxtel, have it or if the free-to-use ones like ABC iView, SBS On Demand or TenPlay have it. Handily enough, if it's unavailable on all of those, it will also tell you if you can hire or purchase it on the Apple Store, Google Play, PlayStation Store, Microsoft store or YouTube.

Love it, so how do I use it?

Very easily. First, you'll need to head to the site and make sure it's the Australian version. Type in the movie or show's name and select the right one. For example, Avengers: Infinity War is available on Foxtel Now and Stan but is also available for rent and purchase on the other options if you're not subscribed to those.

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It's also got an incredibly useful recommendation system. You'll find it on the homepage where you'll need to click your favourite shows and movies, similar to feature available for Netflix newbies. But Just Watch's system exceeds due to the fact it asks you what streaming services you're subscribed to. Most of us will probably be subscribed to at least one but some of us might be signed up to more than one so it's handy to pop in what's immediately available to you.

I use it all the time for work and home and only found a few titles were out of date. You can thank the aforementioned revolving door of licencing agreements for that, not my precious Just Watch.

You're very welcome.

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