Everything Netflix Deleted This Month (Without You Noticing)

When Netflix originally launched in Australia, one of the chief selling points was its perpetual movie and TV library, with the service promising not to remove any content as it sought to build up a compelling library. Those halcyon days are now a distant memory.

In August, Netflix dropped the guillotine on more than 60 titles, including some critically acclaimed gems and cult classics. And it hasn’t finished yet – there’s still another week of cuts to come.

The following list – which comes courtesy of New On Netflix – consist of movies and TV shows that Netflix pays a licencing fee for. We’ve included the expiration dates so you know precisely how long you have to watch them and trailers to our personal recommendations.

Movies leaving Netflix in August

Noteworthy departures this month included Mad Max: Fury Road, Dawn Of The Dead, Jarhead, The Lego Movie, Space Jam, Doomsday, Sully and Jack Reacher: Never Go Back. Here’s the full list. (A few of these movies are still available to watch until August 31 – we’ve indicated which ones below.)

Banking On Bitcoin – Gone

Featuring interviews with enthusiasts and experts, this documentary covers Bitcoin’s roots, its future and the technology that makes it tick.

Superstar – Gone

After being mistaken for the LEGO MasterBuilder, ordinary mini-guy Emmet is swept up in an urgent quest to thwart the evil plans of Lord Business.

The Lego Movie – Gone

After being mistaken for the LEGO MasterBuilder, ordinary mini-guy Emmet is swept up in an urgent quest to thwart the evil plans of Lord Business.

Chocolate – Gone

Cop Rana embarks on a wild chase after con man Raju steals a diamond ring given to Rana by his nagging girlfriend and hides it in a box of condoms.

Mad Max: Fury Road – Gone

In a post-apocalyptic wasteland, Max helps a rebellious woman and a band of female prisoners flee from tyranny, fend off threats and seek their homeland.

Rama Rama Re… – Gone

An escaped death row convict ends up taking a road trip with an old man on a personal mission and a young couple trying to elope.

Woodlawn – Gone

In 1970s Alabama, racial divisions test the talent, faith and mettle of black high school football star Tony Nathan, both on and off the gridiron.

Sully – Gone

Shortly after takeoff, an Airbus 320 crash-lands on the Hudson River. There are no fatalities, but the captain faces scrutiny and the glare of fame.

Who Gets the Dog? – Gone

When they can’t agree on custody of their beloved dog Wesley, a divorcing couple go to court while battling each other for the pooch’s affections.

Airlift – Gone

As the 1990 Gulf War rages, a wealthy Indian businessman living in Kuwait risks everything to defy the Iraqis and help evacuate over 170,000 Indians.

An Off-Day Game – Gone

On election day, five old friends get together for a relaxing day of drinking. When boredom sets in, they play a familiar game that takes a dark turn.

The Best Man Holiday – Gone

Set 13 years after the events of “The Best Man,” this comedy sequel picks up as the story’s original characters gather for a mirthful reunion.

Colin Quinn: Unconstitutional – Gone

New York comedian Colin Quinn writes and stars in this live one-man stage show that dissects and deconstructs U.S. constitutional history.

Dawn Of The Dead – Gone

In the wake of a plague, America is overrun by millions of cannibalistic zombies. A small group of survivors tries to find refuge in a shopping mall.

Down With Love – Gone

In the swinging 1960s, womanizing journalist Catcher Block reigns supreme over the ladies, but feminist advice columnist Barbara Novak pushes back.

The Mystery of Sleep – Gone

Sleep experts explore how the discovery of REM x28rapid eye movementx29 opened up a fascinating new field of research on dreams, sleep disorders and more.

Doomsday – Gone

When a viral epidemic breaks out in Britain, the government quarantines the infected behind a walled city, but the disease resurfaces 30 years later.

The Guilt Trip – Gone

After a young inventor invites his mother on a promotional road trip, she learns that he has an ulterior motive: fixing her up with a long-lost flame.

Liar Liar – Gone

After his son makes a birthday wish that magically comes true, an evasive lawyer finds himself incapable of telling a lie for 24 hours.

Jarhead – Gone

Instead of combat, this film focuses on the long, lonely days spent at war, and the caustic humor soldiers employ to deal with unbearable conditions.

Identity Thief – Gone

When Sandy Patterson in Colorado is accused of crimes he hasn’t committed, he must track down the “Sandy Patterson” in Florida who has — in his name.

Left Behind – Gone

After millions of people on Earth suddenly disappear, a pilot flying a plane stuck at 30,000 feet must find a way to ensure the passengers’ survival.

Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things – Gone

People dedicated to rejecting the American ideal that things bring happiness are interviewed in this documentary showing the virtues of less is more.

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. – Gone

A CIA agent and a KGB operative put their differences aside to combat a global crime organization in this droll actioner based on the 1960s TV series.

Six Feet High – Gone

Following a devastating flood in the Himalayas, a man goes on a search — both for his girlfriend and for a greater understanding of life.

Planet FIFA – Gone

In the wake of an international scandal, this film scrutinizes how world soccer organization FIFA became a bloated and corrupt money-making machine.

Role Models – Gone

Danny and Wheeler coast their way through their jobs, but their goofing off leads to community service with the Sturdy Wings mentoring program.

Safe House – Gone

Young CIA operative Matt Weston must get a dangerous criminal out of an agency safe house that’s come under attack and get him to a securer location.

Space Jam – Gone

Basketball legend Michael Jordan hoops it up with Bugs Bunny and other Looney Tunes characters in this romp that blends live action with animation.

Striptease – Gone

Bounced from her job, Erin Grant needs money if she’s to have any chance of winning back custody of her child, so she takes it all off.

Teenage Space Vampires – Gone

When a geeky teen sees a UFO land near his small town, he discovers it contains a horde of vampires bent on ruling Earth by blocking the sun’s rays.

Under Siege 2 – Gone

Now-retired counterterrorist Casey Ryback and his niece are on a westbound train when it’s overrun by a psycho who aims to level the Eastern seaboard.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back – August 21

When he learns that his friend has been accused of murder, Jack Reacher suspects a vast conspiracy — and soon finds himself on the run alongside her.

Risen – August 23

To disprove rumors of a Jewish preacher’s resurrection, a jaded Roman tribune and his rookie lieutenant search for the crucified man’s missing body.

Scooby-Doo – August 30

In this live-action feature, Scooby and the gang journey to Spooky Island, where a magical force is awakened that could spell doom for the human race.

The Hippopotamus – August 30

In need of money to fund his boozing, a once esteemed poet takes a lucrative job investigating the alleged miracles that occur at a country estate.

TV Shows Leaving Netflix In August

If you’ve been lazily making your way through Sons Of Anarchy we suggest you pick up the pace – it’s leaving the service on August 31. Other high-profile departures this month include Mythbusters (yes, all of it), the complete Death Note anime and Great Barrier Reef with David Attenborough. Watch ’em while you still can!

Here’s the full list:

  • The Royals – Gone
  • Metropolis – Gone
  • Look at Huh! – Gone
  • Hey Qween! – Gone
  • Strippers – Gone
  • Weekend Aristocrats – Gone
  • Boonie Bears: Spring Into Action – Gone
  • Commandos – August 24
  • Presenting Princess Shaw – August 24
  • Saving Sirga: Journey into the Heart of a Lion – August 24
  • Can’t Run From Love – August 31
  • Emergency Down Under – August 31
  • Eyewitness – August 31
  • Great Barrier Reef with David Attenborough – August 31
  • India’s Frontier Railways – August 31
  • Mythbusters – August 31
  • Prisoner Zero – August 31
  • Yoo-Hoo And Friends – August
  • Very British Problems – August 31
  • Death Note – August 31
  • Sons Of Anarchy – August 31

Naturally, there are a bunch of brand-new movies and TV shows coming to the service in June – click here for the full list!

[Via New On Netflix]


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