Best 100GB Mobile Data Plans Under $100

Best 100GB Mobile Data Plans Under $100
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We live in the age of streaming and while we’re grateful for it, it’s data intensive. Most of us will stream movies and shows at our homes with NBN or broadband but while we’re in between places, a few sneaky videos on social media will really start to chew into your mobile data. If you’re a repeat offender of using up your allotted data limits, you might need to consider a mobile plan upgrade and we’ve got some hot contenders to show you.

Amaysim’s $40 unlimited plan

$40 for an unlimited data plan is epic so it makes sense that there’s a slight catch. Technically, it’s only unlimited data for the first three recharges and then it drops to 60 gigabytes after that. Still, it’s an impressive deal given you only have to pay $40 every 28 days to get unlimited internet if you grab the deal before 31 January 2020. Since there’s no lock-in contract, it’s worth a try.

Optus’ $59 Choice Plan

Optus is offering a 100-gigabyte mobile data plan with unlimited national calls and messaging. The best part is, there’s not contract so you can stay for as long as you like and you might be eligible for a six-month free trial for Apple Music.

Vodafone’s $60 Red Plus SIM Only

For $60 a month, Vodafone’s got a SIM only plan with 100 gigabytes of data with unlimited calls and messages. You’ll also get the first month for free if you sign up online but the deal expires on 29 January 2020. It’s a 12-month contract so you will need to pay a minimum of $720 of the minimum time period.

Optus’ $79 Choice Plan

If you like the sound of Optus’ $59 Choice plan but you want to squeeze in a bit more data, the $79 plan gives you an extra 20-gigabytes to mess with. It’s also contract-free so you can ditch it any time you want.

Telstra’s $80 Large SIM Plan

Finally, we have Telstra’s $80 no-contract plan with 100 gigbytes with unlimited national calls and messaging. The cool thing is, it includes 5G so if you’re somewhere it’s been activated and have a compatible device, you’ll get to enjoy the new network.

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