ALDI Mobile Now Has A 4GB Plan (But Proceed Cautiously)

ALDI Mobile Now Has A 4GB Plan (But Proceed Cautiously)

ALDI Mobile is notorious for reducing data allowances on its prepaid plans. In a reversal of its usual form, it has just introduced a new XXL prepaid plan which includes 4GB of data.

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For $45, you receive 4GB of data which, as has always been the case with ALDI Mobile, is on Telstra’s 3G network. You also receive 43,200 minutes of calls, 50,000 SMS and 20,000 MMS across 30 days. The decision to describe the exact amount of minutes available is interesting, and presumably reflects caution by the provider after it was busted by the ACCC for offering an “Unlimited” plan that included several limits. 43,200 minutes is the exact number you’ll find in a 30-day period.

We’d imagine that this price change partly reflects the recent data increases offered on Boost Mobile, which is the other prepaid provider using Telstra (outside of the big T itself). Boost offers 3GB on a $40 plan with unlimited Australian calls and texts, as well as a strange arrangement where you can have 1GB extra, but only on Sundays.

The pricing and inclusions also effectively match Amaysim’s current 4G offering, which includes 4GB of data and unlimited calls for $44.90. Amaysim uses Optus, but unlike ALDI Mobile, it does offer higher-speed 4G connections.

We’re still reluctant to recommend ALDI Mobile, since history suggests it will slice data allowances more readily than raise them. Also note that your ability to add extra data is limited: while ALDI Mobile offers a 1GB data add-on for $10, you can’t purchase that until you have used 70 per cent of your allowance, and you can’t buy more than one a month.

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  • Please also remember ALDI will now charge in 250Kb bloacks rather than 1Mb for data usage on their caps, which is quite good a change.

    • According to the email I received today the charge is in 25kb blocks. Even better!

  • ALDI mobile is a complete joke. they have changed their plans so many times. They started off getting customers by having great plans, and after about 6 months.. BAM!!! Plans went to shit. No more unlimited, no more big data allowances. And what happens if you use your extra 1GB addon of data? No internet access at all until your month is up. What a load of crap.

    • Really dunno how people use so much usage. Holy crap people, get off your phones and get a life.

  • I would not go back to amaysim. Aldi are not much better. they do not disclose that their month is set to EST/EDST making it a major disadvantage for Western Australians who want to use the data past 9pm. even with auto load it may not reload until 6am. I had a rude shock in my first month with them being charged for data I was using between 9pm and 11pm and they are still yet to refund me two months later.

  • I just looked at the new plans fine but when I select it only shows 4G plans and not 3G. My phone is only a 3G phone so do not know what happens now. I have sent a e-support ticket. But does anyone know about this.

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