Use Google Assistant To Buy Movie Tickets Quickly

Image: Google

Android users can now have Google Assistant buy movie tickets and reserve seats for them, thanks to a new Google Duplex feature that makes it possible for the AI to access and navigate Chrome webpages on its own—much like how the Duplex AI allows Google Assistant to call restaurants or hotels for reservations on your behalf.

At launch, the feature supports more than 70 movie theatre chains, and some U.S. ticket-buying services such as Fandango or—even if they don’t have an app or if their websites aren’t normally configured for mobile browsers. Not only is this easier than navigating these companies’ websites directly, it’s also potentially faster than buying them and reserving seats on your own—which may help you get a seat for incredibly popular movies before they sell out.

How to use the new ticket-ordering feature:

  • On your Android device, open Google Assistant and search for nearby movie showings.

  • On the results page, tap the showtime that you want to buy tickets for, and a new box will pop-up with buying options.

Screenshot: David Murphy
  • Tap the Google Assistant “Buy Tickets” icon next to the service or website you want to use.

  • You will need to confirm you want to use Google Assistant to buy the tickets for you, and then accept any website cookies.

Screenshot: David Murphy

Unlike when Google’s AI make a phone call and a reservation for you, buying movie tickets requires a little more input. Google Assistant will ask you questions such as how many tickets you want or which seats to reserve (if applicable).

Screenshot: David Murphy

You’ll also have to confirm the final order and payment info before buying the tickets. Still, this is a lot simpler (and faster!) than having to scroll through multiple pages and type out all this information yourself.


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