Last Week’s 10 Biggest Posts

You wanted: Google Pixel 4’s new look, Joker malware alert, the difference between red, white and brown onions explained. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from last week.

  1. Google Is Having A Laugh
    The Google Pixel 4 is sure to win a bunch of industry awards at the end of the year. Unfortunately, a beauty contest probably won’t be one of them. With its single-tone finish and protruding rear camera, it’s looking far less attractive than the average flagship smartphone.
  2. ANDROID ALERT: Delete These Dodgy Apps Now
    An Avast security researcher has issued a warning imploring Android owners to remove some 930 Android flashlight apps found in the Google Play Store. On average, each of these apps request 25 separate system permissions for unknown purposes, while some requested more than 70. Time to do some spring cleaning, methinks.
  3. The Difference Between Red, White And Brown Onions, Explained
    What’s the deal with white onions? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a recipe that explicitly called for them. And yet there they are, in every Aussie supermarket. How are they different? What do people use them for? What is the meaning of life?
  4. LEAVING NETFLIX: Kiss These 67 Movies And TV Shows Goodbye 🙁
    Each month, Netflix bids adieu to multiple movies and TV shows to make way for new content. September’s causality list is noticeably larger than usual and includes several fan favourites. Here’s the full list.
  5. It’s Official: No Google Apps For Huawei Mate 30
    One of the most promising Android phones of 2019 has been dealt a serious blow, with Huawei confirming the Mate 30 will launch without any Google apps. (This includes Google Maps, Calendar, Google Drive, Google Assistant and Gmail.) Instead, it will reportedly come with third-party alternatives running on a bespoke version of Android 10. Here are the details.
  6. How To Enable ‘Ultra-Dark’ Mode On Android
    Google wants to make OS updates sexy again. Its latest attempt to galvanise the public (or ‘Great Black Hope’, if you will) is a bespoke dark mode built directly into Android 10. Here’s how to get it on your phone.
  7. Stop Force Closing Your Apps
    Constantly force closing apps is a bad habit many of us have formed over the years. We were told it helps improve battery life and makes our phones run faster.
  8. The Best Telstra Network Providers That Aren’t Telstra
    If you had to pick just one word to describe Telstra, it would probably be “expensive”. Big T might often be considered Australia’s best mobile network, but that privilege costs you a pretty penny. However, there are also plenty of smaller providers powered by Telstra, which can get you the coverage you crave without breaking the bank.
  9. MALWARE ALERT: ‘Joker’ Infiltrates Google Play StoreThere’s a new malware threat on the Google Play Store ominously named after the Joker, the deranged criminal mastermind from Batman. The malware is capable of stealing money via subscription services you didn’t even know you’d signed up for.
  10. Shopper Alert: Six Deals You Shouldn’t Miss This Weekend
    The weekend is a great time to kick back, do some shopping and score a bargain or two. 40% off LG TVs at The Good Guys, killer NBN deals from Aussie Broadband and EB Games’ biggest games sale are all waiting for you. Here are the links!

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