LEAVING NETFLIX: Kiss These 67 Movies And TV Shows Goodbye :(

LEAVING NETFLIX: Kiss These 67 Movies And TV Shows Goodbye :(
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Each month, Netflix bids adieu to multiple movies and TV shows to make way for new content. September’s causality list is noticeably larger than usual and includes several fan favourites. Here’s the full list.

The following list – which comes courtesy of New On Netflix – consist of movies and TV shows that Netflix pays a licencing fee for. Just to be clear, Netflix doesn’t remove original programming – so stuff like Stranger Things, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and House Of Cards are safe. (For now.)

We’ve included the expiration dates so you know precisely how long you have to watch them and trailers to our personal recommendations. Watch ’em while you still can.

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Tonight sees the departure of Steven Spielberg’s Oscar-winning masterpiece Schindler’s List. If you never got around to watching it, set three hours aside this evening before it disappears. (Incidentally, did you know Spielberg released Jurassic Park and Schindler’s List in the same year? How nuts is that?)

Also worth a watch are 8 Mile, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Wanted, Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes movies, David Fincher’s Zodiac (a must-see if you enjoyed Mindhunter), “10” and George Harrison: Living in the Material World. Oh, and kids will be devastated to learn that Despicable Me and its sequel are both getting jettisoned from Netflix. (Let them down gently.)

Here’s the full list, with an official synopsis for each movie. (We’ve also included trailers to some of our personal recommendations.)

8 Mile – Sep 11

Aspiring hip-hop artist Jimmy views his home, Detroit’s 8 Mile district, as a psychological line that separates him from where and who he wants to be.

Billy Madison – Sep 11

Billy Madison stands to inherit a fortune when his father retires. But before that happens, Billy has to go back to school — all the way back.

Despicable Me – Sep 11

Villainous Gru hatches a plan to steal the moon from the sky. But he has a tough time staying on task after three orphans land in his care.

Despicable Me 2 – Sep 11

Arch-villain Gru and his three orphan girls return for more shady exploits in this wacky animated feature voiced by some of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall – Sep 11

After his TV star girlfriend, Sarah, breaks his heart, Peter can’t move on because she’s vacationing at the same resort in Hawaii.

Schindler’s List – Sep 11

Oskar Schindler becomes an unlikely humanitarian, spending his entire fortune to help save 1,100 Jews from Auschwitz during World War II.

The Time Traveler’s Wife – Sep 11

Due to a genetic disorder, handsome librarian Henry involuntarily zips through time, appearing at various moments in the life of his true love.

Wanted- Sep 11

After Wesley Gibson discovers that his murdered father belonged to a secret guild of assassins, he hones his innate killing skills and turns avenger.

Sherlock Holmes – Sep 12

Robert Downey Jr. stars as the legendary sleuth Sherlock Holmes in this Guy Ritchie-helmed reinvention of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s detective series.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows – Sep 12

The sequel to 2009’s Sherlock Holmes finds the brilliant sleuth resorting to occult theories to defeat the plans of the evil Professor Moriarty.

Most Likely to Die – Sep 12

Former classmates throw a house party to celebrate their 10-year high school reunion, but a cap-and-gown-wearing killer traps and stalks them.

The Immigrant – Sep 13

A Polish immigrant in New York who must provide for her ill sister soon falls under the thumb of a charming thug who forces her into prostitution.

Justice League – Sep 13

Batman assembles a band of fellow superheroes, including Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg, to defeat their most formidable enemies yet

The Lake House – Sep 13

A lonely doctor begins writing letters to the frustrated architect who lives in her former home, only to discover that they’re living two years apart.

One for the Money – Sep 13

A divorced, unemployed woman becomes a bounty hunter to make ends meet, with her first big case revolving around a former high school boyfriend.

10 – Sep 14

After he becomes obsessed with stunning new bride Jenny, songwriter George Webber follows her on their Acapulco honeymoon.

A Soldier’s Story – Sep 14

After a battle between peacekeepers and rebels, one injured soldier is found comatose but alive by a scavenger who slowly nurses him back to health.

Aroni Takhon – Sep 14

A Hindu man and a Muslim woman fall in love with each other and have to contend with the tensions that exist between their communities.

Couple Of Days – Sep 14

Three couples, each in different phases of romance, head to Ibadan for a fun and frisky holiday. But secrets soon spill, causing trouble in paradise.

The Department – Sep 14

A former industrial saboteur is lured back by her corporate employer for one last job, but her husband disapproves and may need to take action.

East Jerusalem West Jerusalem – Sep 14

This musical documentary follows Israeli singer-songwriter David Broza as he records a new album with a mix of Israeli and Palestinian musicians.

Falling – Sep 14

Muna’s love for her husband, Imoh, is put to the test when an accident lands him in a deep coma and a new man walks into her life.

Foo Fighters: Back and Forth – Sep 14

The history of the Foo Fighters comes alive in this documentary, from their demo tapes through the creation of their 2011 album “Wasting Light.”

Foresti Party – Sep 14

Comedian Florence Foresti supersizes her act in an arena show packed with sketches, celebrity impressions, epic dance routines and special guests.

George Harrison: Living in the Material World – Sep 14

Director Martin Scorsese profiles former Beatle George Harrison in this reverent portrait that mixes interviews and archival footage.

Head Gone – Sep 14

While being transferred to a new hospital, several psychiatric patients escape their guards and become entangled in a series of comic misadventures.

Kaththi – Sep 14

A reformed crook assumes the identity of a Marxist activist fighting to protect villagers’ land from a multinational corporate villain.

Masters – Sep 14

A plucky policeman enlists the help of his journalist friend to solve seemingly unrelated murders, only to find the truth is closer than it seems.

Mum, Dad, Meet Sam – Sep 14

The highly successful only son of typical Nigerian parents throws his family into chaos when he brings his white English girlfriend home to Lagos.

Mommy Dearest – Sep 14

When a colleague’s mother dies, a man who has been avoiding his own intrusive mother travels home for a visit that changes their relationship forever.

Pan – Sep 14

As a kind of prequel to the Peter Pan story, this fantasy relates how Peter first met and initially befriended Captain Hook and fought alongside him.

Poseidon – Sep 14

A tidal wave spells disaster for a ship of New Year’s Eve revelers when it capsizes the mammoth vessel, sending passengers into a battle for survival.

Taxi Driver – Sep 14

After his father dies, a young mechanic moves to the city to drive the old man’s taxi, and encounters assassins and a motley crew of urban weirdos.

Those People – Sep 14

A young Manhattan painter’s goals are put to the test when he falls for an older man while still having feelings for his long-standing secret crush.

When Love Comes Around – Sep 14

Muna’s love for her husband, Imoh, is put to the test when an accident lands him in a deep coma and a new man walks into her life.

The Visit – Sep 14

The lives of uptight, conservative Chidi and Eugenia are thrown into disarray when a loudmouthed, hard-partying new couple moves in next door.

Vacation – Sep 14

In this next-generation “Vacation” reboot, Clark Griswold’s son, Rusty, tries to reconnect with his family on a calamitous road trip to Walley World.

Zodiac – Sep 14

Based on real events, this chilling drama recounts the actions of a killer who stalked the streets of San Francisco and left clues in the newspaper.

Christmas with the Kranks – Sep 15

When Luther Krank and his wife opt to skip Christmas — no tree and no rooftop Frosty — can they handle the fallout from their family and neighbors?

The Forest – Sep 15

A young woman conducts a search for her twin sister, who disappeared in a notorious area of Japan known as the Suicide Forest.

Miracles from Heaven – Sep 15

After her daughter is diagnosed with an incurable disease, a mother prays for a miracle and receives one after a freak accident answers her prayers.

Sneakerheadz – Sep 15

Athletes, rappers and other sneaker fanatics show off their sprawling collections as experts trace the evolution of a pop culture phenomenon.

Barefoot – Sep 16

Hoping to show his family that he’s settling down, a janitor asks a patient at the psychiatric hospital where he works to pose as his girlfriend.

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TV Shows

Image: La Doña

As per usual, it’s mainly forgettable reality TV shows and non-English dramas getting the chop this month. Fans of saucy Spanish melodrama may want to check out the Doña Bárbara adaptation: La Doña (AKA Lady Altagracia). I’ve not seen Kitten Rescuers or Botched Up Bodies but they both sound awesome. Here’s the full list.

  • Strong Girl Bong-soon – Sep 14
  • Mischievous Kiss 1 – Sep 14
  • Mischievous Kiss 2 – Sep 14
  • The Making of the Mob – Sep 14
  • Listen to Love – Sep 14
  • Emergency – Sep 14
  • Great Wild North – Sep 14
  • Drug Wars – Sep 14
  • Tornado Hunters – Sep 14
  • Botched Up Bodies – Sep 30
  • Fearless Heart – Sep 30
  • The Elizondo Sisters Go on the Defense – Sep 30
  • Fantastic – Sep 30
  • Ghost Town Gold – Sep 30
  • Horror Homes – Sep 30
  • Kate and Mim-Mim – Sep 30
  • Kitten Rescuers – Sep 30
  • La Casa de al Lado – Sep 30
  • La Doña (Lady Altagracia) – Sep 30
  • The Level – Sep 30
  • Trawlerman Tales – Sep 30
  • My Horrible Boss – Sep 30
  • License To Drill: Louisiana (2014) – Sep 30

It’s worth noting that this isn’t necessarily a comprehensive list – in the past, Netflix has removed some additional movies on the last day of the month. We’ll let you know if anything else gets chopped.

[Via New On Netflix]

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