Spending Time Outdoors Can Be Good For Your Mental Health

Spending Time Outdoors Can Be Good For Your Mental Health
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The challenges the world throws at us can put a massive strain on our personal lives, and it’s easy to let our mental health slip through the cracks.

Spending Time Outdoors Can Be Good For Your Mental Health

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While there are plenty of resources to help us keep our mental health in check, it never hurts to switch it up a bit for a change of scenery. A quick road trip to the outskirts of a city (or further into the bush if you’re regional) can make for a great place to set up camp and unwind.

If you can manage it, completely disconnect from your regular life and take in the sights around you. There are a bunch of parks, hiking trails and camping areas around Australia, so you can pretty much head in any direction and you’ll end up somewhere absolutely stunning.

If you’re not a regular camper, there’s a chance you don’t own everything you need to sleep under the stars. And for those of us who are rookies, we need the essentials to get the most out of our journey, otherwise the trip might not be as great for our physical and mental health as it could be. No one wants to sleep in the dirt – probably.

Alright so first up, you obviously need a tent. It doesn’t necessarily have to be anything fancy: as long as it gets the job done and keeps you dry, you’re sorted.

With your temp-house in hand, it’s just a matter of stocking up on a solid pair of hiking boots (the better quality the more likely they’ll last years) as well as your basic camping gear – think waterproof clothing, sleeping bags and some cooking gear.

If you forget anything, don’t sweat it – you’ll be back to the chaos in no time.

Just make sure you take the camping time to try to get some clarity. Again, there are other resources to help with your mental health but a trip away from it all never hurts, either.


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