The Sex And Mental Health App, Just For Blokes

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It’s no secret Australians have a hard time reaching out for help when they need it most. But when it comes to men’s health, the rates of seeking help drop even further and that’s where an Aussie startup, Pilot, comes in.

The technology platform makes it easier for men to get help for any issues or questions they might have about their physical and mental health. They understand some of the biggest roadblocks for accessing professional medical advice is embarrassment and convenience so the founders of Pilot have devised a system where you speak to a doctor by just opening your browser.

“We believe healthcare is a delicate combination of physical, aesthetic and mental wellbeing,” their website reads. “We also know that blokes don’t like to face their issues head-on, so we’re building solutions online.”

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So, how does it work?

Visit Pilot’s site and write an explanation of your health situation. A doctor will respond within 24 hours with a few follow up questions in a secured chat box to determine whether you’ll require a treatment plan. If you’re eligible, you’ll need to pay a small fee for the doctor’s time and they’ll ship out any physical treatments to your preferred address if you agree to go ahead.

They’ve also got some pre-packaged treatment plans for troubles with sleep, your sex life or to halting any signs of baldness. If you’re eligible for these plans, which vary in cost and treatment length, you’ll receive packages with specific instructions on how and when to use the treatment.

Help is only a click away with Pilot.

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