The STI Risks Of 8 Different Sex Acts, Ranked

If you’re in a new or polygamous relationship, it pays to know what the risks are from engaging in unprotected sex. This ‘STI Risk Meter’ ranks the likelihood of infection for eight popular sex acts – from kissing to analingus.

Obviously, you should always use protection if you or your partner have never been tested. The risks aren’t worth any amount of extra pleasure. With that said, this infographic from Australian sex education group The YEP Project charts the risk levels associated with eight different sex acts. It also provides tips on what to look out for and avoid to minimise the risk of infection.

Again, do not treat this information as an excuse to skip protection, as even low-risk activities can lead to serious STIs. If you’ve already done the dirty and are worried, consult your GP for a full checkup.

[Via The YEP Project]


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