13 Ways To Be More Mindful [Infographic]

13 Ways To Be More Mindful [Infographic]
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In the simplest terms, ‘mindfulness’ means being conscious of your thoughts and surroundings. It also forms the cornerstone of a personal philisophy that many people subscribe to. In short, to be mindful is to focus on the present moment without reaction or judgement – resulting in a happier existence. If that sounds intriguing, this infographic can help put you on the right track: it describes 13 everyday behaviors that mindful people exhibit.

The infographic below comes from SleepyPeople.com. It looks at 13 things mindful people do differently every day; from laughing at themselves and others to focusing on only one work task at a time. (The latter is easier said that done.)

“By shifting focus from the future which we cannot predict, or the past which we cannot change, we can become more successful and productive in the present moment,” the blog explains.

Yes, it’s all very zen, new-age and kind of wanky… but if you’re feeling downtrodeen in life, it could be the change in perspective that you desperately need.

[Via Sleepy People]

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