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How to Avoid Toxic Positivity (And Handle It When It Comes Your Way)

Even though you know they’re probably coming from a place, scrolling through your social media feed only to find an onslaught of memes and quote cards instructing us to “Choose Happiness,” or emit “Good Vibes Only” can be maddening. (Or maybe that’s just me and everyone else loves them?) And…


Is It an Anxiety Disorder, or Just Life in 2020?

Although anxiety and fear are two different things, constantly dealing with fear of uncertainty is something many people with anxiety experience regularly. And for the past six months — amid a global pandemic — almost nothing has been certain. It makes sense that we’re anxious about whether we, or our loved…

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How to Find a Psychologist Who Does Telehealth Appointments

It’s a tough time for everyone right now but for people facing mental health issues, the COVID-19 pandemic and all its roll-on effects have only escalated those feelings. Fortunately, there’s a tool available to help you search for psychologists offering telehealth appointments around Australia. The coronavirus pandemic has affected Australian…