What Is The Average Australian Weekly Wage? [Updated]

How much does the Australian make in a year?Image: iStock

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has released its average weekly earnings report for the first half of 2019. If you'd like your salary to match the average, here's how much you should be earning.

The ABS average weekly earnings report estimates the average value of wages and salaries paid to employees by an employer over a specified period, and takes into consideration both hourly rates of pay and the amount of hours worked.

According to the ABS, the average weekly ordinary time earnings for full-time adults in Australia in May 2019 was $1634 (trend). Average full-time earnings increased by $27 (1.7 per cent) over the previous six months and by $48 over the year (3.0 per cent).

By taking the average weekly earnings and multiplying them by 52, it's possible to work out the average annual wage in Australia.

Average Australian Weekly Wage: $1634

Average Australian Yearly Wage: $84,968‬

The ABS report also separated the numbers by gender. It found that the average full-time weekly earnings for males was $1726.30, while their female counterparts made $1484.80; a pay gap of $241.50. On the plus side, female wages rose slightly higher than their male counterparts, which helped to narrow the gap by 0.1%.

On a state-by-state basis, average full-time earnings remained highest in the ACT ($1811) with Tasmanians at the bottom on $1420. Here's how the average full-time earnings break down in each state and territory:

Image: ABS

And here's how much an average Aussie earns by industry (open in a new tab to enlarge):

Image: ABS

If you're feeling bummed out by these figures it's worth noting that average wages are not the same as median wages - the people at the top can skew the overall results. If you're making under $1634 a week, this doesn't necessarily mean that you're in the "bottom half" of the population.

How does your weekly wage stack up to the national average? Feel free to vent (or gloat) in the comments.

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This story has been updated since its original publication.


    This is before tax isn't it?

      Pretty sure it is. My annual when I'm actually working is more than that average, and there's no way I walk away with $1164.50 in my pocket every week.
      Unfortunately, I've been ill the past year, and still got issues, so I'm stuck with sickness benefit payments of a mere $600 odd a fortnight. :\
      Can't wait til I can get back to working again.

        Damn even bots make more than me

          Hahahah with a name like Trumble, you should be on Prime Minister money ;)

    Statistics are twisted numbers, the monetary numbers are calculated into an average, $4, $7, $13 and $17, the average number of dollars is $10.25 therefore the statistics number is not an average wage because no-one receives an average wage.
    Now create a list of the millions of people earning less than $25,000 p.a but you can't get any of them to say they receive an average wage.
    Wealthy people are becoming wealthier, poor people are becoming poorer so in a badly-governed wealthy country wealth is something to be proud of, in a well-governed wealthy country like Australia poor people and poverty is something a government shoud be ashamed of!

      Yes, this is the "average" --> Let's have a look at the "median".

      I am sure this would be way less than the $60k average.

        Completely agree, would be very interesting to see the difference between the two. Would show how so skewed "average" is.

          With a bit of googling it looks like the median income is about $50k/year.

        Thank you!

        Averages are nice, but in this context the range makes it mean nothing. This is obvious when looking at the "average" mining wage compared to all "average" wages in other industries...

        A median would give a MUCH clearer picture!

      So, if you want to focus on poverty, why are you choosing the median, rather than (for example) the 10% decile?

      Yeah I'd like to see the percentiles - I wish they'd release those numbers

    If you're feeling bummed out by these figures it's worth noting that you'll likely remain bummed out regardless of whether you look at the median wage, the proportion and division of part time employment, employment rate by age, underemployment, or even the usually pleasant .gif of a puppy drinking water.

    I agree

    When I worked for the WA government before I retired, salaries were specified as an annual figure. We divided annual salary by 26 1/12 to get fortnightly pay.

    Do you not multiply weekly wages by 52 1/6 (0.32% more) to get annual wages?

    While a gender wage gap is still apparent...

    While a gender earnings gap is still apparent...


      There is no pay gap. Google Maddox pay gap. It's a fallacy.

        Actually the ABS, those folk who have access to the actual data say there is a WAGE gap.

        Its not just that men work more hours or work differnt jobs, its that men get paid on average more for the same job and the same hours.

          From that document you posted:
          The gender pay gap is the difference between women’s and men’s average weekly full-time equivalent earnings, expressed as a percentage of men’s earnings. It is a measure of women’s overall position in the paid workforce and does not compare like roles.

            Correct. This debate shouldn't actually be about gender pay equality (find me a study that compares like for like that also shows pay equality). Instead, the debate should be about hiring women in senior roles.

      What a clever person you are. Well done with the FTFY. You're so much more intelligent than everyone.

    "Here's how much you should be earning."
    No - the average income has nothing to do with how much you earn.
    What you do determines your income.

    Last edited 22/05/17 12:31 pm

    Ugh, so how is 1.6% wage growth "below the inflation rate at 1.5 per cent"? Basic editing would be great aye? The inflation rate is more like 2.1% as well (for last quarter at least).

      1.6% minus tax you pay is more than 1.5% inflation.

        Sorry for the error previous. 1.6% minus the tax you pay is LESS than 1.5% inflation.

    It is still not an average wage, what is the 'average wage' of politicians, the 'average' pension of retired people who don't have other income who worked before superannuation was forced upon employers, and if politicians did not rape and destroy the Pension Scheme, money which accumulated from the 7% paid into the Pension Fund from the wages received by people who had a job. This was peoples' own money, saved in the Fund to draw a pay when retired, there was $$$$$$ billions in that fund.
    Will you post an average of income tax, an average of the the amount tax collected and squandered by governments on useless projects
    How about posting the average of a household's cost of living which increases by a greater percentage than the 'average' wage including the average vehicle registration which increased again in Qld. much more than the CPI.
    The real people in Australia who live in the real world and do a job which benefits Australia's citzens are not paid a wage anywhere near to 'The Average Wage'.

    pfft.. atm.. unable to find a job... I'm stuck underemployed for nearly a year now and I'm earning a mere $484 a week (gross) plus Centrelink around $55 a week. Leaving me a good $540ish a week. WELL bellow anything here. #wasmaderedundant #cantgetbakup #frustrating

      That sucks man. What sort of work do you do? Or at this point would you do anything that puts food on the table (within reason)?

        I was an IT Sys Admin before I was made redundant. But living in Adelaide there's very little work around and many many people looking for work.

        As it stands I'm driving a school bus for disabled students, around 20 hours a week. I have a probable job coming up in August (cabin crew) but that seems far off, financially. For me, it's a big waiting game right now. Can't get real employment because I've got this job coming up and I'm working split shifts driving. But because they are disabled students I can't just bail out on them hard either, it's unfair to them (no matter how much you want to say look after yourself, I care more for their growing up sanely haha).

      That is less than my weekly rent

        Wow you're getting ripped off.

      I hope things look up for you mate...I was made redundant because manager didnt like me..but I got a better job within a week so it worked out well...got a modest payout and straight into a way better paying position closer to home.I guess I was fortunate.What angers me is why theres no stringent laws when companies make someone redundant...this unfair dismissal is just bollocks and unions are just toothless tigers.So basically if I ever come across the manager/managers/owner who sabotaged me Im going to do my best to knock their teeth down their throats.Way to go Australian government and your shit laws.

    Feels good to be in the top 5%. I highly recommend it.

      Fuck you!

      Feels even better to be in the top 1%. I suggest you try and work harder or skill up.

    Official data released by the federal Treasury reveals that of the average taxable income of taxpayers, which is $58,000 a year, a total of $11,427 is paid to the taxman.

    Treasury’s tax calculations are set much lower than the average wage of $80,236 because they include tax returns filed by welfare recipients and pensioners who pay very little tax.


    Full-time employed men have, over the past 32 years, worked higher hours than full-time employed women. In July 2010, full-time men worked 41.0 hours compared with 35.8 hours for full-time women. On average between February 1978 and July 2010, full-time men worked 4.1 hours more than full-time women. In April 1999, the difference was at its greatest (5.9 hours), and the smallest difference occurred in January 1983, when full-time men worked an average of just 1.4 hours more than full-time women.

    While there is a large difference in the average hours worked by full-time men and women, since February 1978, the average hours worked for part-time workers have been quite similar for both men and women. The difference was at its greatest in January 1984, when part-time men worked 2.4 more hours than part-time women, and has since converged such that since approximately 1990, part-time men and part-time women work almost the same hours.

    http://www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/[email protected]/featurearticlesbytitle/67AB5016DD143FA6CA2578680014A9D9?OpenDocument

      At the dealership i work
      Male salesperson (5 guys) 110 hour fortnight (11 day fortnight rosters)
      Female salesperson (3 girls + stock controller) 76 hour fortnight (10 day fortnight roster)

      The women at work always complain we get more money then them

    So what's the average after tax because my Newstart Allowance is roughly $629 per fortnight but not taxed so I get all of it.

    If I were to get some full-time work how much extra realistically in my pocket after tax would I be getting at $60,000 and $80,000 per annum.

      A lot more. You should be able to work it out. Take your centrelink payment, times by about 26 to get annual and its about 16K a year. If you were on say 60k PA you'd pay maybe 5-10k tax, so at least 50k in your pocket, big difference there.

      I work full-time and i'm lucky to get $42,000 a year so 60k - 80k is a pip dream

    If that is the average wage, what is the real average wage for the other 75% of the population that earn under 100.000 a year ???

    Wow, NZ now has a higher average wage than Australia. ($74,965 per annum)

    Wish there was a better way to access the data, analyse it ourselves.

    I'd like to see average figures for the bottom 95% or 98% for example.

    I'd also like to see an in depth analysis of the gender gap, it's easy to explain an average disparity by saying that women take career breaks or avoid managerial positions as they prefer flexible arrangements to look after children.

    Well, it baffled me reading this couple years ago and still baffles me today as thought i was an average guy but clearly not.

    If you're earning less than average and want a better go, have a harder go.

    Alternatively, don't keep voting for the current trickle down bullsh!t mongers.

    Another that would like to see a median breakdown per industry. Even the whole gender pay gap argument has this same issue. Does the average man having a higher wage mean there are more rich male CEO types. Or more worse off women. Right now that information is hidden.

    Averages are always misleading, for example, if four people earned $5 and 1 person earned $100 the average would be $24.

    I just wish politicians had to live on pensioner rates and then see how quickly they change things.Fat cats stuff themselves while the poor starve. Remember that thing called a pension fund that we all used to pay into so that there would be money to pay pensioners?

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