The Five Worst Paying Jobs In Australia

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Online employment marketplace Seek has revealed the highest and lowest paid jobs advertised on its website in the past 12 months. Those at the top are currently being offered annual salaries of over $137,000 while workers at the bottom can expect to take home around $44,000. But which jobs have the best and worst pay? Let's take a look.

Best paying jobs on Seek

As you'd expect, the mining sector was the highest paid industry on Seek for 2016. The average advertised mining salary was between $115,005 and $133,169 depending on the position.

However, when the figures are broken down into individual jobs, miners are beaten by architects who make a cool $137,707 on average. The other highest salaried jobs were engineers ($133,530), IT managers ($129,903) and GPs ($129,635).

You can see how Australia's top-earning jobs rank in the Seek graph below. (You can also check how this year's wages compare to 2015 by clicking on the interactive tab.)

Worst paying jobs on Seek

What about the other end of the spectrum? Admin workers, retail assistants, factory workers, receptionists and packers/pickers are the lowest paid. The average advertised salary for these positions combined was under $47,000.

You can see the average pays for each of the aforementioned jobs below:

To put this into perspective, the average annual earnings for Australians currently stands at $60,892, according to the latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). This constitutes a wage growth of just 1.6 per cent over 12 months, which is the slowest annual pace on record.

You can also see the Top 15 highest paying industries below:

What Is The Average Australian Weekly Wage?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has released its average weekly earnings report which does exactly what it says on the tin. By taking the average weekly earnings and multiplying them by 52, it's possible to work out the average annual wage in Australia. Here's how much you should be earning.

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    Architects are the highest paid? This is news to me, definitely not well paid in WA. And considering the statewide redundancies that are occurring in the industry...

      I am totally agreed with you. The highest paid jobs are not the architect one's but that of engineers and IT professionals.

        haha.. I wouldn't say IT is very well paid.. spesh not here in SA... Been struggling to find work and the best I've come up with so far is a place willing to give 50k even though I've been in the industry for 15+ years, however was made redundant, then struggled to find anything for over a year then got a real low offer but had no choice but to take it.

    You forgot the average wage of Gov't owned Postal Company CEOs Approx $5M + change.

      Bo need to be jelly. The guy has helped turn the company around.

        Absolutely - just as long as you define success as "use Auspost's monopoly position to increase profitability by increasing prices and reducing service"

        And not by any complex metrics like:
        * Shorter delivery timeframes
        * Customer satisfaction
        * Staff satisfaction
        * Reduction in lost, delayed or damaged mail
        * Increasing market share outside of the core market where an existing monopoly exists

        ... because by any of those measures, the guy was a failure.

      Well it did say advertised jobs. You only get a job like that by knowing the right arse to kiss.

    When you say 'Architect' I think of building architects, however looking on Seek I believe this also covers IT Architects and "automotive architects" who's salaries are far in excess of building architects.

    Yes they are referring to IT architects. I am a Solution Architect on 125. So it's in the ballpark.

    When it comes to least paid, they have forgotten the childcare assistants. I get paid less than the least paid in the list!

    I'm hella surprised hospo isn't on the list. Sure chefs average 50k/year.. but that's only if they work 60+hours a week.. that goes down to about.. umm $16/hr.. thems junior rates...

    I started in one of the lowest 5 and now I'm above the highest using the same skills. Work ethic and careful career planning beats university degrees. Do what you love and relentlessly work hard to be better at it. Or go into debt and study law and get a shitty job in it if you're lucky. I'd be interested to see the distribution of wages in the Legal category, I think you'd find a small number of huge earners.

    this is crap

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