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If anyone knows a thing or two about personal finance, it's those who earned and saved enough money to retire early. I recently spoke to early retirees with a net worth of at least seven figures. Here are seven of their greatest tips and strategies (that you don't need to be an existing millionaire to follow.)


The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has released its average weekly earnings report which does exactly what it says on the tin. By taking the average weekly earnings and multiplying them by 52, it's possible to work out the average annual wage in Australia. Here's how much you should be earning.


To the uninitiated, the very concept of a "YouTube celebrity" doesn't make a lick of sense. How do these jerks earn so much money by talking bollocks and playing games on a free video site? As it turns out, the work that goes on behind the scenes is surprisingly complicated: everything from video equipment to content branding plays a large role in the success or failure of a channel.

If you're looking to get rich on YouTube - or just want to attract an audience that goes beyond your family and friends - this infographic breaks down everything you need to know.


There's no denying the gender pay gap. It's there: The average pay for a man, the average pay for a woman, and space between. The gap exists regardless of whether or not you believe it exists. Wage gap deniers don't deny the gap itself; they deny its significance. Women stay at home with children, so the numbers make sense, they say. Women don't negotiate, so of course there's a gap.


Hi Lifehacker, My fiancé and her parents are looking to sell their beauty salon so they can open a coffee shop. To keep an income stream, they want to continue working in beauty from home with existing customers. Is this possible or are they subject to some form of goodwill when it comes to the clientele of the current business?


Bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency that can be used to purchase everything from online goods to multi-million dollar mansions. They are currently more valuable than gold, with a single Bitcoin equalling more than three thousand Australian dollars. Needless to say, there is a huge amount of interest in bitcoin and it's not too hard to start mining bitcoins of your own.


The gig economy — the on-demand, mobile workforce leveraged by the likes of Uber — seems like the dream: whenever you feel like working, you simply turn on your phone, accept the jobs that you want, and ignore the ones you don't. There's no office to go to, and no boss to answer to when you haven't shown your face for a while.

But, as I would discover when I went undercover as a Deliveroo delivery driver, the gig economy is not a one way freeway to wealth and happiness, it's a two-way street.


According to the most recent ABS data, the average Australian income is $60,892 per year. However, this number is pretty meaningless if you're trying to work out the mode or median: the wages at the very top and bottom invariably skew the results.

If you really want to know how your income compares to the Australian average, you need to focus on people in similar circumstances to yourself. The WageSage website attempts to do the hard work for you: it limits the results to people who share your age, location and gender for much higher accuracy.


After a decade of frivolous spending and trial-and-error, most of us have figured out how to navigate the most common money mistakes by the time we hit 30. However, then we face a whole new group of challenges that have the potential to ruin you financially. From spending too much on your wedding day to putting your kids' education before your retirement, here are 11 common pitfalls to avoid.


Some jobs come with a built-in requirement for travel, like teaching a language abroad or working in sales. But if you want to travel for fun and earn some extra cash in the process, there are a few options for that, too. You won't get rich with these side gigs, but they might pay for a fancy dinner or your museum admission.


You might think it's too late to save a buck or two for those last minute gifts, or maybe that it's too late to find cash to treat yourself while you're buying for everyone else. Well, here are some ways to find some extra scratch to make the yuletide that much brighter.


Dear Lifehacker, How can I use my motorcycle to make some extra cash? I don't have a car so Uber is out of the question. I looked into Deliveroo but it's surprisingly difficult to find out how to become a rider for them. What are some ways I can use a motorcycle to earn money?