Wages In IT: Better Than Burgers, Below BHP

How much do you earn every week? The answer is more dependent on the industry you work in than anything else. Average weekly cash earnings in the accommodation and food services sector in Australia are just $539 a week. For mining, that number jumps to $2388. And for IT? The average weekly earnings for a manager aren't too far behind the miners at $2306 — and female workers actually do better than men. PLUS: check out our interactive spreadsheet and compare take-home pay for more than 350 job categories in Australia — everyone from forklift drivers to teachers.

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The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) today released its bi-annual analysis of who earns what. The figures date from May 2012 — this kind of statistical analysis takes a while. The figure represents take-home pay as reported by employers. The average across all occupations was $1342,50 for males, $904 for females, and $1122.60 overall.

In senior IT roles, inequality is nowhere near as pronounced. According to the ABS , average weekly earnings for female ICT managers are $2448, while their male counterparts earn $2262.40. We saw a similar disparity in earnings for computer science graduates, though the same caution remains: with men dominating in the sector, the average earnings aren't necessarily the most useful indicator. Here are the tech earnings across every category the survey covered:

Job Male Female People
ICT managers $2,262.40 $2,448.00 $2,306.10
ICT trainers $1,404.00
ICT sales professionals $2,742.10 $1,541.70 $2,310.80
ICT business and systems analysts $1,953.40 $1,972.00 $1,958.20
Multimedia specialists and web developers $1,168.20 $1,298.80 $1,180.50
Software and applications programmers $1,868.90 $1,521.10 $1,813.80
Database and systems administrators, and ICT security specialists $1,608.00 $1,419.70 $1,567.70
Computer network professionals $1,577.30 $1,611.70 $1,583.30
ICT support and test engineers $1,898.90 $1,381.80 $1,693.50
Telecommunications engineering professionals $1,794.50 $1,341.60 $1,739.90
ICT support technicians $1,350.00 $1,219.70 $1,317.80
Telecommunications technical specialists $1,521.20
Telecommunications trades workers $1,370.80
ICT sales assistants $622.70 $789.10 $676.50

To check out a broader range of jobs, examine the interactive table below. You can sort or filter any column by clicking on the header, or maximise the table to get a better view. (Note that some categories don't have gender data.)



    Guys, this really threw me. This isn't "take-home pay" as per the article (i.e. after taxes), it is total cash earnings. If you dig into the original ABS report, then the glossary defines that to mean total gross pay before tax. So, your IT manager makes ~$117,000 before tax, which makes much more sense then what I was thinking, which is $117k after tax, or around $150k gross, which is a massive jump based on previous numbers.

      Phew, I was about to punch my boss in the face for ripping me off! All is well now.

    Exactly Michael, totally agree... Those are definitely pre-tax figures. If they were after tax figures, the ICT Manager would be on $170k + super. I know of IT managers on both $85k and on $180, but I find it hard to believe $170k is the average.

    Time to become an ICT manager then I guess..

      Well it was my career goal, but seeing the figures, definitely a lot more motivation yes.

    I am an ICT Manager and I don't get paid anything near that. Looks like I need to move to a capital city it seems.

    Seems like a load of crap to me. How many 'ICT Support Technicians' (which I assume is a help desk type role) are on 70k? I'm a network/systems admin/help desk monkey/jack-of-all-trades on far less :S

      NOT using my normal account because people where I work read this site. My job sounds pretty much the same as yours, and I'm on $65k. And maybe moving to another role soon that will be in the vicinity of $85k.

    Some of these wages seem a bit mean.

    Interesting to see that entertainers are among the lowest income earners in the list, and yet it seems to me that the majority of readers on this site seem to think it is quite OK to pirate their work?

      Yaarrrr!! How much do pirates earn? They werent even on the list me hearty! :)

    Yikes, what is going on with Female ICT Sales Professionals pay? That's a huge difference.

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