What Is Google Assistant ‘Ambient Mode’ And Do You Need To Care?

What Is Google Assistant ‘Ambient Mode’ And Do You Need To Care?
Image: 9to5Google

Ambient Mode is the latest development in the works for Google Assistant. While specifics are currently slim, we’ve rounded up every morsel of information currently available. Here’s what you need to know.

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What is Ambient Mode?

Ambient Mode is essentially Google Assistant’s home when it’s not doing anything specific. While it’s available in the Google app beta mode version 10.24, according to 9to5Google, it’s still a very rudimentary version with a simple clock and welcome message.

What Is Google Assistant ‘Ambient Mode’ And Do You Need To Care?Image: 9to5Google

It looks like you’ll also be able to change the display themes and introduce widgets like weather, maps to tell you commute times from your location as well as your music.

Is it useful?

In its current form, not really, but then again its not actually ready to be used. Once more features are added, like your music and weather apps, it could become a very handy tool to collate all your interests in one place rather than switching between them.

Its layout is reminiscent of the Pixel Stand default interface, which is still quite limited in functionality, so expect something similar but with more features and utility.

It remains to be seen how Google Assistant Ambient Mode will differentiate from a smart home or lock screen on your device.

When can I use it?

Google Assistant Ambient Mode is still in its early stages so a full release to the public isn’t expected any time soon. Given just how early the functionality appears to be and with few rumours leaked about its primary purposes, we can pretty much rule out a 2019 release right now.

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