How Much Smarter Is Google Assistant Compared To Siri?

How Much Smarter Is Google Assistant Compared To Siri?
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There are a number of virtual assistants on the market in recent years so it only makes sense they’re pitted against one another to determine the ultimate AI pal. Despite Siri being the OG of virtual assistants, results indicate Google Assistant reigns supreme.

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Loup Ventures, a research-focused tech firm, tested three virtual assistants – Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri – to determine the best of the bunch. Microsoft’s Cortana and Samsung’s Bixby are yet to be included in this competition.

In order to figure this out, Loup Ventures researchers asked each virtual assistant 800 questions and noted whether they understood the question and whether they answered them correctly. The results indicated while all virtual assistants understood at least 99.8 per cent of the questions, their ability to respond to them correctly varied wildly.

How Much Smarter Is Google Assistant Compared To Siri?Image: Loup Ventures

Google Assistant took out the highest correctly answered queries with 92.9 per cent while Siri managed 83.1 per cent and Amazon’s Alexa fell behind with 79.8 per cent.

How Much Smarter Is Google Assistant Compared To Siri?Image: Loup Ventures

Questions asked from five categories (Local, Commerce, Navigation, Information and Command) included simple queries such as ‘where is the nearest coffee shop?’, ‘how do I get to Uptown on the bus?’ and reminders and purchases like ‘order me more paper towels.’

The one area Google Assistant was beat out by Siri was in the ‘command’ category with Siri scoring 93 per cent while Google Assistant managed 86 per cent.

There you have it. Even though Google Assistant sorta sucks a lot of the time (in my experience), it’s still the best AI friend a human can have.

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  • Siri’s not so bad, it can have a fairly nice male Australian voice.

    Google’s assistant is stuck with that annoying female who really is as dumb as a bucket of blond hair if you ask her for anything more than the most basic info.

  • Seriously though, what with the lack of security any of these systems have, what we need is an open source alternative to all of them. I’m guessing there is none, but hoping there’s something on the horizon, because I don’t trust any of the big three talked about in this article.

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