Amazon Prime Day 2019: Here Are The Best Deals! [Updated]

Amazon Prime Day 2019: Here Are The Best Deals! [Updated]
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Amazon Amazon Prime Day has only just started and there are already some fantastic deals available with huge savings on video games, computers, phones, books, gadgets and more. Here are all the best bargains so far – with links to buy!

The Best Video Game Deals From Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Australia's Prime Day Sale is now live! Over the next 48 hours, Amazon will be discounting hundreds of video games and accessories with over 60% off select titles. Here are the best deals so far on PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch!

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Best Amazon Prime Day Deals

Now, on to the deals! We’ll be updating this page regularly, so keep checking back for fresh bargains!

Note: As mentioned above, some of these offers are timed ‘Lightning’ deals. We can’t guarantee they will still be available when you click.

Computers / Gadgets

Amazon Prime Day 2019: Here Are The Best Deals! [Updated]Image: Microsoft


Amazon Prime Day 2019: Here Are The Best Deals! [Updated]

Games / entertainment

Amazon Prime Day 2019: Here Are The Best Deals! [Updated]Image: Twitter / Oculus

Never heard of Amazon Prime Day? Here are some important things Australian shoppers need to know about the sale.

What Is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is an annual sales event exclusive to Amazon Prime members that officially kicked off on July 15 at 12am AEST. To get the best deals, you need to be signed into your Amazon Prime account. If you’re not an Amazon Prime member yet, you can currently get a free 30-day trial. Click here for your free Amazon Prime membership!

Amazon Prime Day In Australia: All Your Questions Answered

Have you found yourself with a fat wad of digital cash at the end of the financial year and so many sales running, you're paralysed with choice? The solution: Amazon Prime Day.

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It’s also a good idea to download the Amazon app which is available on Android and iOS. You can then get a sneak preview of upcoming Amazon Prime Day offers by clicking on ‘Today’s Deals’ and ‘Upcoming’.

What kind of deals are there?

Much like other annual deals events such as Click Frenzy and Cyber Monday, Amazon Prime Day will be offering timed mega deals in addition to the regular stuff. These are called ‘Lightning Deals’ and will only be available for a limited time. There are also ‘Spotlight Deals’ on popular products which will be appearing at different points throughout the sale. The sale also has a ‘Join Waitlist’ option which alerts you if more stock becomes available on a sold out product.


  • Where in the app is ‘Today’s Deals’? I’ve had a good look and can’t find it. I’m beginning to think that like Wishlists, purchase as gift, and family library, it’s arbitrarily missing from the .au version because screw you that’s why.

    • That’s pretty much the entirety of Amazon, that last bit of your comment, despite it continually being shoved down our throats by local websites for some reason.

  • These “DEALS” are garbage compared to the ones offered in the US. save your moneys guys

  • I thought the deals were pretty mediocre. I suppose if you particularly wanted one of the things that were discounted it’s ok, but I couldn’t find anything I actually wanted 🙁

    Interesting to see that even mainstream (channel 9) news are talking about how Amazon in AU isn’t all that great.

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