Netflix Is Deleting 42 Movies And TV Shows In May

Netflix Australia is deleting over 40 movies and TV shows to make way for new content. Sadly, there are some big departures this month, particularly for fans of Aussie TV comedy and kids shows like Round The Twist. Here’s the full list.

The following list – which comes courtesy of New On Netflix – consist of movies and TV shows that Netflix pays a licencing fee for. We’ve included the expiration dates so you know precisely how long you have to watch them and trailers to our personal recommendations.

Movies leaving Netflix in May

If you’ve been using The Simpsons Movie to babysit your kids, we’ve got some unfortunate news – it’s leaving the service on May 4. Other notable departures include the Assassin’s Creed video game adaptation, horror flick Annabelle: Creation and Little Giants. The list of chopped movies is comparably small this month, but you can expect more titles to be quietly deleted around May 31. (We’ll bring you an update when we get the full list.)

Live Wire – May 3

An FBI explosives expert tries to protect US Senators who are being targeted for assassination — even the one who’s having an affair with his wife.

Little Giants – May 3

In this amiable comedy, a retired sports hero and his nerdy younger brother face off on the gridiron by coaching competing junior football teams.

Assassin’s Creed – May 3

In this adaptation of the critically acclaimed video game franchise, a man on death row is rescued from execution by a mysterious organization..

The Simpsons Movie – May 4

When Homer pollutes Lake Springfield with pig manure he’s been storing in a silo, he gets fired – and the citizens of Springfield are quarantined.

Stake Land II: The Stakelander – May 6

In the postapocalyptic future, a tragedy leads Martin to seek out his old mentor, Mister, to get revenge against the new leader of a vampire army.

Hunter Gatherer – May 6

Fresh out of prison, a middle-aged man tries to win back his true love and enlists a slow-witted new pal to help him with a harebrained business idea.

Annabelle: Creation – May 8

ears after their daughter’s death, a dollmaker and his wife open their home to several orphans, who soon begin to fear one of his eerie creations.

TV Shows Leaving Netflix In May

Over the next few weeks, Aussie Netflix subscribers will be bidding adieu to several television faves, including quirky kids TV show Round The Twist, Chris Lilly vehicle Jonah from Tonga and Upper Middle Bogan. Other notable departures include 12 Monkeys, Bob The Builder and Thomas And Friends. In addition, there’s an extensive list of departing reality TV, true crime and nature documentaries. Here’s the full list:

  • Animal Airport – May 11
  • Wheels, Deals & Steals – May 11
  • Animal Intervention – May 14
  • Britain’s Underworld – May 14
  • Built For The Kill – May 14
  • Crimes Against Nature – May 14
  • Dangerous Encounters with Brady Barr – May 14
  • Disaster Earth – May 14
  • How Big Can It Get – May 14
  • Inside Cocaine Wars – May 14
  • The Invaders – May 14
  • Party Like – May 14
  • Wild Australia
  • Extreme Animal Obsessions – May 18
  • FBI: Criminal Pursuit – May 18
  • Gunpowder, Treason & Plot – May 18
  • Killer Kids – May 18
  • An Hour to Save Your Life – May 21
  • The Joy of Techs – May 21
  • Squeamish! – May 21
  • To the Ends of the Earth – May 22
  • Bob the Builder – May 23
  • Jonah from Tonga – May 23
  • Mortified – May 23
  • Round the Twist – May 23
  • Thomas and Friends – May 23
  • Upper Middle Bogan – May 23
  • Taxi Brooklyn – May 24
  • Full Force Nature – May 25
  • Hurricane Hunters – May 25
  • One Bad Choice – May 25
  • 12 Monkeys – May 26
  • Jungle Book Safari – May 30
  • The Bionic Vet – May 31
  • Mother Goose Club – May 31

Naturally, there are a bunch of brand-new movies and TV shows coming to the service in April – click here for the full list!

[Via New On Netflix]

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