How To Delete TV Shows And Movies From Your Netflix Viewing History

There are various reasons you might want to delete certain shows and movies from your Netflix viewing history. Maybe you /”Netflix cheated” on your partner and want to hide the evidence. Maybe your kids keep using your account to watch crap about ponies and mermaids. Or maybe you accidentally clicked on Adam Sandler’s Jack And Jill/Netflix’s Insatiable and need to erase this horrifying blot from existence.

Here’s how to delete all those Netflix mistakes from your profile forever.

Apart from saving yourself potential embarrassment, there’s a very good reason to delete undesirable content from your Netflix viewing history. The site’s inbuilt algorithm displays content based on your previous viewing habits – this can cause the front page to become cluttered with similar movies and TV shows that you have no interest in watching. Fortunately, it’s quite easy to remedy the situation.

If multiple people have been using your account (or you just want to hide your crappy movie selections), simply do the following:

How to delete your Netflix viewing history:

  1. Head to your account page
  2. scroll down to the My Profile section
  3. click on Viewing Activity (this takes you to a chronological list of every show and movie you’ve watched on the service)
  4. Delete unwanted titles by clicking on the ‘X’

Handily, deleting a TV episode wipes the entire series from your viewing history, so you don’t have to remove each episode individually. As mentioned, this also deletes the titles from Netflix’s activity log, which should help to turn the auto-recommendations into stuff you actually want to watch. Hurrah!


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