Use An Almost-Empty Jam Jar To Flavour A Cocktail

Jam is an excellent cocktail ingredient. It’s also very sticky, which means getting those last seemingly insignificant bits out of the jam jar requires some creative problem solving. Luckily, ethanol is quite the solvent.

Use Jam To Make Any Booze Morning-Appropriate

Jam is a constant on most breakfast tables, but one usually finds it on toast, not in cocktails. Beyond boosting your bread and butter, really good fruit preserves can sweeten and mellow almost any cocktail, giving it a friendly, welcoming vibe that’s perfect for AM imbibing.

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Flavouring a bit of booze with jammy remnants is actually quite easy. Just take an shot and a half or two of your favourite booze, pour it in the jar, and shake, shake, shake.

Photo: Claire Lower

Strain your new fruity infusion through a fine mesh sieve, and use it how you would any flavoured spirit. The cherry-infused gin I made was perfect with just a little tonic, but it would also be lovely in a bramble or a spritz (just top with sparkling wine).

Photo: Claire Lower

If things are dire, and you don’t have the energy to make a full-on cocktail, know that a shot of orange marmalade-infused tequila makes a lovely shot, as does mango-preserve rum. Actually, I can’t think of any combination that would be a bad as a shot; do with that what you will.