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One of summer's greatest pleasures is sipping an icy, refreshing beverage in the sunshine -- or the nearest patch of shade. Summery cocktails and punches aplenty are finally ready for their seasonal debut, and just about all of them could do with a bit of salt.


There's something about bourbon that just screams "party." Whether in an Old Fashioned or rolled into some bourbon balls, the dark, sweet spirit brings cheer to every party and dinner it attends. Your holiday season should contain many bourbon cocktails, yes, but don't overlook the culinary applications of the brown booze.


Video: A bar cart is a deeply personal part of the home, but there are still certain basics you should keep around to make all your favourite classic cocktails. Here we show you the essentials you need to build a functional, adult, properly-stocked cart of booze.


Video: Food is the most important part of a dinner party, but booze is a close second. Rather than opening up your entire bar cart, focusing on one really good cocktail can keep your costs down while showing off your fancy barkeep skills.


I hate doing dishes more than any other chore but, due to my line of work and lack of dishwasher, I end up doing more than the average person. To overcome my utter disdain for donning dish gloves and standing in front of a sink, I motivate myself with a cocktail.