Tangerine NBN: Stupid Name, But Bloody Good Value

Tangerine NBN: Stupid Name, But Bloody Good Value
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Tangerine Telecom has been plugging away at the peripheral of the National Broadband Network since 2013. While it’s not exactly a household name, its latest NBN 100 deal could see it earn a place in your own household.

For a limited time, the telco is offering unlimited superfast internet on a contract-free plan for just $69.90 per month. That’s the cheapest NBN 100 plan we’ve seen in quite a while. Here’s what you get with the plan.

Tangerine’s histrionically named XXL Speed Boost UNLIMITED plan comes with typical evening speeds of 76Mbps, which isn’t bad at all for a budget RSP. (You can read more information on its NBN speed guarantees here.)

As the name implies, the plan comes with unlimited data. But the standout feature is the price: at $69.90, it’s a good $10 cheaper than the average NBN 100 plan.

Here are the inclusions. (Click on the ‘Go To Site’ button to learn more.)

And here’s how the deal compares to the current crop of low-cost NBN 100 plans:

Now for the inevitable caveat. The $69.90 pricing is only available for the first six months after signing up. It then reverts to a less impressive (but still highly competitive) $79.90 per month. On the plus side, there’s no lock-in contract so you’re free to bounce as soon as your six months are up.

Tangerine Telecom has a pretty good reputation when it comes to performance – so much so that is offers a 14-day risk free trial. It has a Point of Presence in every major city, which should help to combat latency and slow ping times.

The company also prides itself on providing a high level of service and support which is important when technical issues arise. (Apparently, it has an internal policy of answering every customer phone call within ten seconds.)

We’ve not tested the service ourselves, but that 14-day free trial essentially means you’ve got nothing to lose.

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  • Just signed up for tangerine and service started on 15/2. I have waited for 1 hour 33 mins before I am able to get the technical support. The line have been dropping out quite frequently. So I am not sure if the good reviews as I read before I signed up for Tangerine still hold.

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