Samsung ‘Beyond X’ Leak: This Phone Is Fricking Bananas

Samsung ‘Beyond X’ Leak: This Phone Is Fricking Bananas
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It’s hard to believe there’s anything about the Samsung Galaxy S10 we don’t already know – but someone at the Korean electronics powerhouse screwed up and accidentally placed information on the company’s Korean website confirming a fourth model in the lineup.

A Galaxy S10+ Limited Edition model – codenamed ‘Beyond X’ – will come to market with a whopping 1TB of storage and as much as 12GB of system memory making it the leader of the Galaxy pack. (And yes, it’s going to cost a goddamn motser.)

We already knew that there would be three core models in the Galaxy S10 lineup ; the Galaxy S10 with a 6.1-inch display, the Galaxy S10+ with a 6.44-inch display and the Galaxy S10e with a smaller 5.8-inch display. The expectation is that the lowest cost units will skim around $1500 from your bank balance with the Galaxy S10+ costing closer to $2500.

Samsung ‘Beyond X’ Leak: This Phone Is Fricking BananasImage: Slashgear

But if this Korean website leak is correct, the 1TB Galaxy S10+ Limited Edition will set you back close to $3000 – easily making it the most expensive smartphone ever to hit the market.

That probably explains why it’s a limited edition. I really cannot see too many people stumping up that kind of money for a smartphone. But then again, when the first iPhone was released, the idea of a $700 phone was mind-boggling so maybe Samsung knows more about the market than I do. And Apple has sold plenty of smartphones for $2000 or more.

So what do you get for all that extra dosh? According to previous reports, the Limited Edition S10+ will pack in a curved 6.7-inch display, no fewer than six cameras and fifth-generation 5G network connectivity. Presumably it will also be offered in an unique colour to ramp up the exclusivity factor.

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Does anyone really need 1TB of storage on their phone? And would you spend that kind of money on it? It seems excessive to me and basically part of some weird technological pissing contest. What do you think?


  • Who would pay for that when you’ll probably see only two major Android updates, months after their initial release, before Samsung abandon it? For that price you’d expect Apple-level support timeframes.

          • Ok, I’ll bite.

            I use my phone for a massive amount of tasks.

            Such as? What could you possibly be doing that requires a $3000 phone? Not throwing an insult here. Genuinely curious.

          • Well i considering i use my phone for just about EVERYTHING in my life why wouldn’t i want the most powerful one available? its easily my most used tech product in my life and ill be on it for many hours in a day. its used for all general small and large tasks like videos, my diary, messaging, social media, streaming multiple video services, emailing, photography, reading books, maps, music player and many many others.

            I do also use it for 3D operable architectural models and that chews up the power.

          • so they are saying its only 1000 euros??. Thats approx $1600 AU.

            FREAKING BARGAIN ! cheaper than an iphone X

          • I use my phone for a massive amount of tasks as well including some video processing and photo editing. That’s probably the most intensive tasks a phone can do outside of demanding games. Still doesn’t need to be this over the top phone wise though. Apps are very frugal really. 12Gb ram is stupidy and only morons will buy this expecting a better experience than people that buy the regular version.

          • I suppose a lot of people will claim it back on tax/expenses so cost may not be an issue.
            And I forgot about DEX. I’ve yet to see it IRL, but a powerhouse phone with DEX may make a compelling case for a small niche of users.

          • The Dex idea is a good point. While I couldn’t see myself benefiting from the phone itself, being able to basically turn it into a desktop computer as well has some appeal.

      • Yeah but if you’re dropping that kind of money on a phone you’d expect support long lived support. Not sure why anyone would spend that much when the phone will be resigned to security updates 2 years later.

        • haha the 2 year life span of a phone is generally where its at for any phone. Though i did use my Note 3 for 3 or 4 years, that was a special phone. So yeah, 3k is a lot when you look at it like that, the price is pretty crazy.

          If you’re using an apple phone they have already rolled out an OS update to slow down your older model phone. If anyone believes any company wants you to still be using your phone after 2 years, you’re having a laugh.

          • I use a Note 9 But before that I had an iPhone 7 – iOS 12 provided a substantial performance boost. I’d rather have the option of extended support rather than abandoning the phone.

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