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Samsung has barely let the dust settle on the Galaxy S10 but it's now preparing to release the next version of its phablet - the Galaxy Note X / Note 10. The latest leaks have revealed no fewer than four new Note devices - including an enormous 5G version with a 6.75-inch display. Here's a breakdown of all the leaked models and specs.


Yesterday, Samsung announced a bevy of new phones and devices that will be launching soon, including its new flagship Galaxy S10 smartphone line, fully wireless earbuds, new wearables, and the world’s first foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Fold.

For those who want to get in on this new wave of products early, we’ve put together this guide for how to preorder all the newly announced devices.


It's hard to believe there's anything about the Samsung Galaxy S10 we don't already know - but someone at the Korean electronics powerhouse screwed up and accidentally placed information on the company's Korean website confirming a fourth model in the lineup.

A Galaxy S10+ Limited Edition model - codenamed 'Beyond X' - will come to market with a whopping 1TB of storage and as much as 12GB of system memory making it the leader of the Galaxy pack. (And yes, it's going to cost a goddamn motser.)


We're just a couple of weeks away from the biggest smartphone release of the year with Samsung's flagship Galaxy S10 range. This is a big year as it marks the tenth anniversary of the Galaxy's first release and, like Apple with the commemorative iPhone X, we can expect plenty of changes from the current line-up.


Whether you have friends or family members who work and live different schedules than you, or you find yourself sending more “happy belated birthday” messages than you’d like, having the ability to schedule text messages ahead of time is an incredibly useful feature.


Testing of Samsung's next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S10 is in progress and someone working in the factory where the new device is being made has snapped a few sneaky shots and shared them with the world. And while the shots don't reveal much that we don't already know, it's clear that the in-display camera, which avoids creating a notch but results in a hole, looks to be confirmed.


Samsung is planning to revolutionise the smartphone industry - and notched displays could be first on the chopping block. The company recently unveiled a cavalcade of new technologies in development, including "under-screen" sensors and cameras. Yes, cameras. This changes everything.


The Galaxy Unpacked event kicks off at 1:00AM EST. During the event, one of the worst kept secrets in the tech world will be revealed. The Galaxy Note 9 will see its public debut. Here's how to watch the launch and be among the first in the world to feast their eyes on Samsung's latest flagship phablet.


The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ release today in Australia and they look pretty spectacular. You wouldn't want to get a little scratch on them would you? What about a tiny little dent in a corner?

Grubby fingers all over that AMOLED screen? No, no, no. You need to protect that thing. Here's some of the best cases for Samsung's latest.


Behind the glitz and glamour of Samsung's high-end smartphones lurks a whole family of "lesser" Galaxy siblings. While some deserve to be chained up in a basement like drooling Victorian invalids, others are worthy of carrying the Galaxy name.

Two of the best (non-flagship) options are the Galaxy A5 and A7. Should you buy them, or stump up the cash for one of their premium patriarchs? Let's find out.


If you've already pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy Note8 or are planning to, Samsung has some good news for you: Due to unprecedented demand, telcos have agreed to send out pre-orders early. This means you should get your hands on the Note8 ahead of its September 22 launch date - if you don't have it already.


If the rumour mill is correct, we could be looking at a $1500 price tag on Apple's new iPhone when it hits stores in a few weeks. And it won't be alone; Samsung's new Note 8 also launches with a $1,499 RRP towards the end of the month.

But you don’t have to spend $1500 on a new phone, of course. There are loads of great options for half the price or less. We've also included a selection of mobile plans for each option!


Dear Lifehacker, My Samsung Galaxy S6 is getting a bit sad looking so it's time for an upgrade. I'm a huge fan of this phone series and want to get another flagship model. Do you think I should buy the Samsung Galaxy S7 or pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S8? Also, are there any "must-have" features for the S8 that I need to know about?