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Even with the reveal of Samsung's oddball folding phone, all eyes are still on the upcoming flagship. The Samsung Galaxy S10 is one of the most anticipated phones of 2019, expected to be released early next year. If you're eagerly holding out for news on the Galaxy S10, here's everything we know (and think we know) about Samsung's next phone.


We're still several months away from the release of a new flagship smartphone from Samsung but that doesn't mean the rumours and leaks aren't coming in thick and fast. Ming-Chi Kuo, from TF International Securities, has a reputation for delivering high quality information on upcoming products and his sources have given him the inside track on a number of things we've not picked up on before.


The Samsung Galaxy S10 is shaping up to be something very special indeed. Previously, we've heard murmurings of a fingerprint-sensing touchscreen, a truly bezel-free display and a Exynos 9820 CPU featuring a next-gen Mongoose M4 core.

Now we have some equally intriguing news about the camera. If true, it could blow every other smartphone in early 2019 out of the water.


Another day, another yammering Samsung Galaxy S10 rumour. Today's noteworthy leaks centre around a trio of front-facing cameras (or was that yesterday?), a 3D-face scanner, an "absolute ripper" of a CPU and a fingerprint sensor embedded right into the display. Here's everything you need to know.